Heating actuator, 6-gang with controller for Gira One and KNX

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  • Single-room control possible through fixed controller and valve output pairing.
  • Actuator for switching thermal servos in heating and cooling systems.
  • The outputs are short-circuit and overload-protected.
  • Servos with 24 V or 230 V rated voltage can be actuated.
  • Manual actuation of the outputs.
  • Heating requirement notification, e.g. on a heat pump in combination with a switching actuator, 1-gang 16 A with binary input, 3-gang (Order no. 5061 00) or switching actuator, 2-gang/blind actuator, 1-gang 16 A with binary input, 3-gang (Order no. 5062 00)
  • Programming and start-up with the Gira Project Assistant (GPA), from version 5.0.
  • Encrypted data transfer between the Gira One devices.

Valve outputs

  • 6 independent electronic valve outputs.
  • Valve control with the characteristic “de-energised open” or “de-energised closed” can be parameterised for each output.
  • Protection against jammed valves by means of smart flushing with a duration of 5 minutes and a cycle of 1 week.
  • Boost function for rapid heating of radiators – devices (electric or water-fed).

Room temperature controller

  • 6 independent controllers for heating and cooling mode, optimised for the respective heating and cooling system: Floor heating (electric or hydronic), radiators (electric or hydronic), floor cooling
  • Heating control type can be set. Continuous PI control or switching 2-point control.
  • Operating modes: Comfort, standby, night-time reduction, and frost/heat protection.
  • Automatic heating/cooling requirement notification: for this, the actuator continuously evaluates the corrected variables of the assigned outputs and informs the Gira One system if there is a heating/cooling requirement at an output or in a heating/cooling circuit. The connected switching actuator closes or opens its relay depending on the heating/cooling requirement notification. This enables burner and boiler controllers, which possess appropriate control inputs, to be controlled in an energy-efficient manner (e.g. switching between the reduction and comfort setpoint in a central condensing boiler or heat pump according to requirement).
  • Limit value specification for floor temperature.
  • Automatic window-up detection in the event of a drop in temperature or by window contact, including specification of the duration of frost protection.
  • Window contact query and visualisation in the Smart Home App: An opened window will result in the activation of the frost protection heating mode after a 5 minutes has elapsed.
  • Query in relation to a heating/cooling switchover, e.g. by means of the binary input that evaluates the switch contact of a heat pump to allow the current operating mode (heating or cooling) to be forwarded to the heating controller.
  • Room temperature measurement via button 1-gang or 2-gang: Automatic averaging when multiple room temperature measurement buttons are assigned to the output.

Technical data

Gira One Medium:
Twisted pair (TP),YCYM 2 x 2 x 0.8

Test voltage:
4 kV (KNX/EIB bus line)



Contact type:

Switching voltage:
AC 24/230 V, 50/60 Hz

Switching current:
5 to 160 mA

Switch-on current:
1.5 A (2 s) max

Number of drives per output
AC 230 V drives:
AC 24 V drives:

Connection cross section:
Max. 4 mm²

Ambient temperature:
-5 °C to +45 °C

Current consumption:
4.5 to 10 mA


  • Can be updated via the Gira Project Assistant (GPA).

Scope of supply

  • KNX connection and junction terminal included in the scope of supply.


Modular width (MW): 4

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Heating actuator 6-gang with controller for Gira One
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Heating actuator, 6-gang with controller for Gira One and KNX
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