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  • Start-up server for up to 200 Gira One devices.
  • Visualisation server for mobile end devices (iOS and Android).
  • Gira Smart Home App also available for PCs with Windows operating system.
  • Devices that can be viewed in the Gira Smart Home App: Switches, dimmers, garage doors, door openers, blinds, awnings, skylights, roof domes (with and without positioning), floor heating (electric), floor heating (water-fed), radiators (electric), radiators (water-fed), floor heating/cooling (water-fed), heating/cooling requirement notifications, binary state (on, off) displays, decimal state (actual temperature) displays
  • Group control (switches, dimmers, garage doors, door openers, blinds, awnings, skylights, roof domes), scenes, IP camera, Sonos audio control, Philips hue, eNet SMART HOME.
  • Automatic project documentation.
  • Automatic end-user documentation.
  • Up to 250 devices can be controlled for each project via the Gira Smart Home App.
  • Up to 250 timers, each with 10 timer points, can be set by the user in the app.
  • Up to 62 users can be created in user management.
  • Occupied-home simulation with the simulation starting according to the day.
  • Connection to Sonos with a maximum of 8 Sonos rooms incl. assignment and selection of favourites.
  • Connection to Philips hue with a maximum of 30 hue consumers or a maximum of 5 hue bridges.
  • Connection of up to 20 IP cameras.
  • Connection of an eNet SMART HOME server with a maximum of 100 eNet switching, dimming and shading devices.
  • Simultaneous access to the Gira One server from 100 mobile devices.
  • Access to multiple profiles in the Gira Smart Home App (Gira One, Gira X1).
  • Readout of current project via GPA.
  • Project backup:A copy of the project automatically saved to the Gira One server.
  • Regular functional upgrades and updates available with free of charge firmware and software updates.
  • Two RJ45 jacks with switch functionality support simple loop-through of the patch cord.
  • Based on the globally proven and Smart Home Standard KNX.

High security:

  • Integrated, secure remote access function for Gira Smart Home App.
  • Integrated, secure remote maintenance function with Gira Project Assistant.
  • The device password protects the Gira One Server against unauthorised access.
  • Encrypted TLS data transfer between the Gira Smart Home App and the Gira One server, as well as between GPA and the Gira One server prevents interception by third parties.
  • Encrypted bus communication (KNX Data Secure) between Gira One devices and the Gira One Server protects against unwanted access and manipulation of the Smart Home by third parties.
  • VDE certificate “Smart Home – Information Security Tested”.

Technical data

Gira One Medium:
Twisted pair (TP),YCYM 2 x 2 x 0.8

Test voltage:
4 kV (KNX/EIB bus line)

Rated voltage:
DC 24 to 30 V

Power consumption:
2 W

IP communication:
Ethernet 10/100 BaseT (10/100 Mbit/s)

Supported protocols:

IP: 2 x RJ45 jacks

Gira One bus: Connection and junction terminal

Ambient temperature:
0 °C to +45 °C

Current consumption:
70 mA


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Gira One
Guides / system basics

System basics

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PDF, 52.532 Kb


Gira One Server
Operating instructions

Installation and operating instructions

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PDF, 280 Kb


Gira One Server
Technical Documentation

Technical documentation

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PDF, 633 Kb


Gira One Server Firmware-Update

To perform the update the Gira Project Assistant V 5.0 is required.

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ZIP, 54.809 Kb


Gira Smart Home Windows Client 32 Bit

Gira Smart Home App for Windows PC

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EXE, 60.845 Kb


Gira Smart Home Windows Client 64 Bit

Gira Smart Home App for Windows PC

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EXE, 63.707 Kb


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