Switching actuator, 1-gang 16 A with 3-gang binary input for Gira One and KNX

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  • Actuator for switching devices.
  • 3 binary inputs for connection to conventional switches, buttons and motion detectors with zero-voltage contacts.
  • The inputs are used to control Gira One actuators or to record status information.
  • Connection to an external temperature sensor at input 3.
  • Programming and start-up with the Gira Project Assistant (GPA), from version 5.0.
  • Encrypted data transfer between the Gira One devices.

Switching functions

  • NO contact or NC contact operation.
  • Setting of a switch-on or switch-off delay.
  • Staircase function; a pre-warning time can also be set.
  • Parameterisation as a switching function for lights or socket outlets, a garage door function or a door opener function, for example, as well as a switching contact for transmitting the heating requirement to a heat pump.
  • Garage door function: The time for closing the relay can be parameterised.
  • Door opener function: The time for closing the relay can be parameterised.

Binary inputs

  • Single and double-surface operation can be configured for rocker buttons.
  • Connection of rocker buttons parameterised with switching, dimming, shading and ventilation, scene call-up, staircase (motion detector), floor call with Gira G1, garage door and door opener functions.
  • Connection of movement and presence detectors with zero-voltage relay outputs.
  • Convenient group control of switching, dimming, shading and ventilation devices.
  • Switching contact evaluation of wind, frost, brightness or rain sensors possible with zero-voltage relay contacts, in order to protect shading and ventilation devices from environmental influences.
  • Window contact query and visualisation in the Smart Home App: An opened window will result in the activation of the frost protection heating mode after a 5 minutes has elapsed.
  • Door contact query and visualisation in the Smart Home App: An open door results in the raising and locking of the blind or shutter.
  • Query regarding a heating/cooling switchover on a heat pump, to allow the current operating mode (heating or cooling) to be forwarded to the heating controller.
  • Switching contact display to show contact status in the Smart Home app.
  • Configurable switching inputs that can be independently parameterised.
  • Recording and comparison of temperature values via remote sensors (see accessories) at input 3.

Technical data

Rated voltage:
DC 21 to 32 V SELV

Switching capacity:
AC 250 V, 16 AX

Maximum switch-on current:
800 A (200 µs), 165 A (20 ms)

Gira One Medium:
Twisted pair (TP),YCYM 2 x 2 x 0.8

Test voltage:
4 kV (KNX/EIB bus line)

Gira One Bus:
Connection terminals to control line
Connection terminals to control line
Screw terminals

Connection cross section:
Max. 4 mm²


Input type:

Sampling voltage
Auxiliary inputs:
Approx. 5 V

Total length
Auxiliary input cable:
Max. 10 m

Connected load
Ohmic load:
2500 W
Capacitive load:
16 A, max. 140 µF
Motors (blind or fan):
1380 W
Light bulbs:
2300 W
HV halogen lamps:
2300 W
Fluorescent lamps, parallel-compensated:
1160 VA
HV LED lamps:
typically 400 W
Wound electronic transformer:
1200 VA
Tronic transformer:
1500 W
Fluorescent lamps, uncompensated:
1000 VA
Fluorescent lamps,lead-lag circuit:
2300 VA

Ambient temperature:
-5 °C to +45 °C

Current consumption:
5 to 18 mA


  • Can be updated via the Gira Project Assistant (GPA).
  • Refer to the Gira One System Manual for information on integrating and installing zero-voltage contacts, motion detectors and presence detectors.

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Switching actuator, 1-gang 16 A with binary input, 3-gang for Gira One
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