Switching actuator, 1-gang 16 A with 3-gang binary input for Gira One and KNX

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    • Depending on the ETS parameterisation in the application for switches, buttons or contacts, inputs 1 and 2 either act internally on the relay output or separately on the KNX. Input 3 always acts on the KNX.
    • Functions for the inputs when acting on the KNX (switching, dimming, blind, value transmitter, scene auxiliary unit, 2-channel operation, controller auxiliary unit, no function).
    • Switching: Command for closing and opening of the contact adjustable (no reaction, ON, OFF, TOGGLE).
    • Dimming: Dimming of brightness and/or colour temperature. Command for closing the contact, time between switching and dimming, dimming in different steps, telegram repetition in case of long signal at the input, and sending of a stop telegram at the end of the dimming process all configurable.
    • Blinds: Command for closing the contact and the operating concept can be parameterised. Times for short and long signal at input and slat adjustment are adjustable.
    • Value transmitter: Functionality as 1-byte, 2-byte, 3-byte or 6-byte value transmitter including colour temperature and colour value transmitter possible. Individually configurable values. Value adjustment is optionally possible with a long signal at the input (not with the 6-byte value transmitter).
    • Scene auxiliary unit: Mode of operation (with or without memory function) and the scene number are adjustable.
    • 2-channel operation: When the contact at the input closes, up to two telegrams can be sent out on the KNX. Operating concept adjustable (only channel 1 or channel 2/both channels). The mode of operation of the channels (1-bit, 1-byte, 2-byte, 3-byte, 6-byte) can be configured separately.
    • Controller auxiliary unit: Mode of operation (operating mode switching, forced operating mode switching, presence function and target value adjustment) configurable.
    • Disabling of all or individual inputs via a 1-bit object possible. Polarity of the blocking object, behaviour at the beginning and end of blocking, and behaviour during an active blocking can be adjusted.

    Logic functions

    • The device has 8 internal logic functions.
    • Logic gate (AND, OR, exclusive AND, exclusive OR, each with up to 4 inputs).
    • 1-bit to 1-byte converter with input filter, blocking object and specification of output values.
    • Blocking element with filter and time functions and blocking object.
    • Comparator for values with 9 different input data formats and many comparison operations.
    • Limit value switch with hysteresis with upper and lower threshold values for 9 different input data formats. Including specification of the 1-bit output values.
    • The logic functions have their own KNX communication objects and can process telegrams from the actuator or other bus devices.
    • Switching electrical consumers via a relay contact.
    • Device has three inputs with a common reference potential.
    • Reading in switching states of installation switches or push buttons and other zero-voltage contacts at inputs 1 to 3.
    • Signal analysis of dew and leakage sensors (see accessories) at inputs 1 to 3.
    • Recording of temperature values via remote sensors (see accessories) at input 3.
    • Up to 8 independent logic functions for implementing simple or complex logical operations.
    • Actively transmitting feedback or status messages can be delayed after a bus voltage recovery or ETS programming mode.
    • Bistable relay.

    Switching functions

    • NO contact or NC contact operation.
    • Central switching function via up to 6 switch objects (ON, OFF, permanently ON, permanently OFF).
    • Switching feedback: Active or passive feedback function.
    • Reaction in case of bus voltage failure or bus voltage recovery can be set following an ETS programming process.
    • Logical linking function.
    • Block function or forced setting function can be parameterised.
    • Extended blocking function with acknowledgement option.
    • Time functions (switch-on and switch-off delay, staircase light function – also with advance warning function).
    • Integration into the light scenes possible: Up to 64 internal scenes can be parameterised.
    • Scene memory function: Additional visual feedback.
    • Extended scene retrieval (toggling of scenes).
    • Elapsed operating time meter can be activated.
    • Input monitoring for cyclic updating of the switching object with safety position.

    Technical data

    KNX medium:

    Connection terminals to control line
    Connection terminals to control line
    Screw terminals

    Connection cross section:
    Max. 4 mm²


    Input type:

    Sampling voltage
    Auxiliary inputs:
    approx. 5 V

    Total length
    Auxiliary input cable:
    max. 10 m

    Ambient temperature:
    -5 °C to +45 °C

    Rated voltage
    DC 21 to 32 V SELV

    Switching capacity:
    AC 250 V, 16 AX

    Maximum switch-on current:
    800 A (200 µs), 165 A (20 ms)

    Connected load
    Ohmic load:
    2500 W
    Capacitive load:
    16 A, max. 140 µF
    Motors (blind or fan):
    1380 W
    Light bulbs:
    2300 W
    HV halogen lamps:
    2300 W
    HV LED lamps:
    typically 400 W
    Wound electronic transformer:
    1200 VA
    Tronic transformer:
    1500 W
    Fluorescent lamps, uncompensated:
    1000 VA
    Fluorescent lamps,lead-lag circuit:
    2300 VA
    Fluorescent lamps, parallel-compensated:
    1160 VA


    • KNX Data Secure compatible.
    • Fast application download (long frame support).

    Scope of supply

    • Connection and junction terminal for KNX included in the scope of supply.

    Dimensions in mm

    W x H x D: 48 50 28

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    Switching actuator, 1-gang 16 A with binary input, 3-gang for KNX
    Operating instructions

    Operating instructions.

    Order no. 5061 00

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    Switching actuator, 1-gang 16 A with binary input, 3-gang for KNX
    Technical Documentation

    Technical documentation.

    Order no. 5061 00

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    Switching actuator, 1-gang 16 A with binary input, 3-gang for KNX
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