Sensotec LED with remote control

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Optional accessories

Detection utilises the Doppler effect, similarly to traffic speed measurement. Motion can also be detected through non-shielding materials. Sanitary facilities, for  example, could be covered with a single Sensotec in this way.



  • Contactless switching prevents soiling. This prevents contamination with viruses and bacteria from users.
  • Detection in the close-up and long range depends on the reflecting surface, speed, and type of the object (person, animal, object, etc.).
  • Metal frames affect the range of detection.
  • Extension of the detection range through auxiliary units.
  • Auxiliary unit operation with rocker button.
  • Requires an IR remote control to commission and set various functions.
  • Individual brightness value and delay time is possible (teach function)-
  • The sensitivity of the far-field detection is adjustable.
  • Mounting in deep device box.
  • Fulfils the specifications of the guidelines in VDI/VDE 6008 Sheet 3.
  • The Sensotec LED is an active motion detector. It detects motion in the range of detection regardless of the temperature and switches on the LED orientation light based on the ambient brightness.
  • Movement at close range switches the room lighting on, for example.
  • The switch-on brightness of the LED orientation light can be set.

Technical data

Power supply:
AC 230/240 V~

Mains frequency:
50/60 Hz

Ambient temperature:
0 °C to 50 °C

Mounting height:
1.10 m

Range of detection forwards
Close-up range:
approx. 5 cm
Long range:
approx. 6 m

Range to each side
Long range:
approx. 2 m

10 to 1000 lx

Delay time:
1 s to 60 min

Screw terminals connection
1.5 bis 2.5 mm²
fine-wire with core jacket:
1.5 bis 2.5 mm²

Connected load
Light bulbs:
400 W
HV halogen lamps:
400 W
Tronic transformer:
400 W
LED lights:
100 W

CR 2025, 3 V
UN no.:

Installation depth:
33 mm


  • IR remove control is required during start-up and for configuring various functions.

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