RF wall transmitter, 2-gang for KNX

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  • The wall transmitter can be mounted on walls with screws or adhered to smooth or transparent surfaces with a mounting plate.
  • Project planning, start-up and parameter setting are performed using ETS (version 5 or later).
  • Integrated USB Micro-B interface for local programming and can be used as a KNX RF interface.
  • Battery-operated device.
  • Device supports KNX Secure.

"Switching" function

  • Command for pressing and releasing can be parameterised (ON, OFF, CHANGE, no reaction).

"Dimming" function

  • Function “Dimming”

"Blind" function

  • Function “Blind”
  • Functions “Value transmitter”, “Scene auxiliary unit” and “Colour control”
  • With scene auxiliary unit: Memory function possible.

Technical data

KNX medium:

Start-up mode:
S mode

Rated voltage:
DC 3 V

1 x CR 2032

Ambient temperature:
-5 °C to +45 °C

Wireless frequency:
868.3 MHz

Transmission power:
max. 20 mW

Range (free field):
approx. 100 m


  • Installation to device box or to smooth, level surfaces using screws or adhesives.
  • A loss of range can occur when using metallic cover frames.
  • Batteries are consumables and must be replaced regularly. Please observe the regulations on the disposal of used batteries.

Scope of supply

  • Batteries are included in the scope of supply.
  • Wireless wall transmitter, comes with mounting plate, adhesive film (privacy protection for glass surfaces), and adhesive points for mounting on smooth, level surfaces.

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RF wall transmitter, 2-gang for KNX
Operating instructions

Operating instructions.

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RF wall transmitter, 2-gang for KNX
Technical Documentation

Technical documentation.

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RF wall transmitter, 2-gang for KNX
Product database

from ETS5.7.5

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RF wall transmitter, 2-gang for KNX

EC-Declaration of Conformity

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