System 106 call-button module

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Necessary accessories

One of the following articles:
Surface-mounted housing, 2-gang to 5-gang

door st.mod. intercom mod. One of the following articles:
SM hous. 2-g SM hous. 3-g SM hous. 4-g SM hous. 2x 2-g SM hous. 5-g

Optional accessories

The Gira System 106 is an installation system made of metal in a puristic and elegant frameless design, based on basic measurements of 106.5 × 106.5 mm. With the modular door intercom in Gira System 106, hospitality begins even before you reach the front door. All the functions are presented in a harmonious overall appearance, from the call button module, intercom module, and camera module, up to the info and blank module. In the dark, backlit call buttons with inscription space ensure good legibility and an attractive appearance.

Individually adaptable modular system
The System 106 can be used in family homes or apartment buildings, as well as in office buildings, industrial properties, and hotels. The modular design enables the system's size, design, and functionality to be individually adapted to the respective requirements. Expansions and changes are possible at any time by easily exchanging the modules.
With this system, it is also possible to exchange the fronts only. This means that the appearance of the system can be changed from e.g. traffic white to a stainless steel surface at a later stage, without having to exchange the electronic units.

High-quality materials
The modules are frameless with design fronts made of genuine materials, available in two brushed stainless steel versions (V2A and V4A), anodised aluminium C-0, and a metal alloy lacquered in traffic white (RAL 9016): all robust materials which ensure durability. The camera and DIN 18040 display module feature a black glass cover.

Easy and phased installation
The system can be installed in phases, in parallel to the progress of building work. In this way, it is possible to initially install only the lower part of a surface-mounted housing during construction of the shell; cables and modules can then be added when they are needed.

Individual inscription options
Call button modules and info modules can be labelled individually via the Gira inscription service.



  • Easy-to-use, vandal-proof, and scratch-resistant call buttons.
  • Function changes, e.g. from 2-gang to 4-gang, can be easily realised by replacing the buttons.
  • Various inscription options possible.

Technical data

Power supply
via flat ribbon cable, 10-pole

Power consumption
160 mW
Stand-by mode:
14 mW

2 x connector strip

Ambient temperature:
-25 °C to +70 °C

Protection type:


  • Professional labelling with the Gira Inscription Service

Dimensions in mm

106,5 106,5 28,7

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Modular and flexible door communication
See who is at the door with the Gira System 106. Clean and sophisticated design, robust materials, and compact, cutting-edge technology provide convenience, security, and a touch of elegance to your door. The modular system is extremely flexible to configure and can be adapted or expanded at any time. Simply mounted on the wall, the system is equally well suited to new builds and retrofits. The Gira System 106 is compatible with all Gira home stations and door communication solutions from Gira.


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