Motion detector Cube 240 for KNX

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  • The PIR motion detector consists of three passive infrared (PIR) sensors with integrated brightness sensor, integrated IR receiver and integrated red light emitting diode (LED) for indicating movements detected in test mode.
  • Two independent light outputs.
  • Light output: Switching, dimming value transmitter, and light scene auxiliary unit can be parameterised. Fully automatic operating mode (automatic on or off) or semi-automatic (manual on, automatic off). Delay time can be set or dynamic delay time can be activated. Day/night switchover. Blocking object.
  • Automatic temperature-compensated sensor sensitivity.
  • Sensitivity of sensors can be parameterised.
  • Send brightness values cyclically or when there is a change.
  • Brightness-independent presence output. A switch-on delay and a delay time can be parameterised. The current status can be sent cyclically, depending on the state.
  • Brightness independent absence output. A switch-on delay and a delay time can be parameterised. In this case, the delay time expires as soon as someone enters the detection range. The current status can be sent cyclically, depending on the state.
  • Manual actuation using IR remote control.

Technical data

KNX medium:

Detection angle:

Installation height of 2.50 m
Detection range forwards, max.:
approx. 16 m
Range to each side, max.:
approx. 16 m

Brightness value:
2 to 1000 lx

Protection type:

Ambient temperature:
-25 °C to +55 °C


  • Suitable for ceiling or wall mounting, inside or outside.
  • Optional: Can be controlled remotely using IR remote control KNX.

Scope of supply

  • Covering panel to adjust the detection range is included with delivery.

Dimensions in mm

W 87 H 87 D 85

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KNX motion detector Cube
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KNX motion detector Cube 240
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KNX Motion detector Cube 240
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