Rocker set, 5-gang Plus (2+3) inscribable

Order no.
Packing unit
cream white glossy (lacquered)
Order no. 2215 01
2215 01
EAN 4010337012597
Packing unit 1
PS 07
pure white glossy (lacquered)
Order no. 2215 03
2215 03
EAN 4010337012603
Packing unit 1
PS 07
pure white matt (lacquered)
Order no. 2215 27
2215 27
EAN 4010337013495
Packing unit 1
PS 07
anthracite (lacquered)
Order no. 2215 28
2215 28
EAN 4010337012610
Packing unit 1
PS 07
colour aluminium (lacquered)
Order no. 2215 26
2215 26
EAN 4010337012627
Packing unit 1
PS 07
black matt (lacquered)
Order no. 2215 005
2215 005
EAN 4010337038450
Packing unit 1
PS 07
grey matt (laquered)
Order no. 2215 015
2215 015
EAN 4010337083917
Packing unit 1
PS 07
stainless steel
Order no. 2145 602
2145 602
EAN 4010337020301
Packing unit 1
PS 07
Order no. 2145 607
2145 607
EAN 4010337083740
Packing unit 1
PS 07
Order no. 2145 608
2145 608
EAN 4010337083757
Packing unit 1
PS 07
Recommended retail price. Price system (PS) not equal to 1, 14 = reduced discount.
Brass. Discontinued item. Available until 12/2022.For more detailed information, please contact your Gira importer.

Necessary accessories



  • Inscribable rocker sets and rocker sets with inscription space can be provided with a customised inscription. The order is processed by the wholesaler specified during the rockers' order process.
  • Inscribable rocker sets and rocker sets without inscription space are made of metal, which can lead to impairments to the range in wireless applications.
  • This product can only be ordered via the Gira inscription service.
  • Professional labelling with the Gira Inscription Service

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