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Door communication switching actuator

Order No. 1289 00
EAN 4010337289005
Packing unit 1
PS 18

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  • Switching actuator for switching light, controlling a door opener on back/side doors or other functions via the Gira door communication bus.
  • Control of a zero-voltage switching contact 230 V / 10 A via the 2-wire bus.
  • The switching actuator can be controlled via:
    the buttons "Door" and "Light" on the home station,
    the call button on the door station,
    the call button on the home station,
    the buttons of a telephone (in conjunction with DCS-TC gateway).
  • The switching actuator can be used in five different operating modes: switching, timer/sec., timer/min., pulse, and door opener.
  • Impulse function for controlling existing automatic staircase mechanisms.
  • Binary input for switching functions via a connected mechanical push button.
  • Switching time can be adjusted continuously from 1 to 10 s or 1 to 10 min., depending on the function set.

Technical data

Power supply:
via the 2-wire bus

Zero-voltage relay contact
10 A at AC 230 V
2 A at DC 30 V

Number of call buttons that can be taught in:
max. 16

Ambient temperature:
-5 °C to +45 °C


  • The switching actuator is intended to be installed in the sub-distribution. If this is not possible, use a common surface-mounted distributor.
  • This component enables door communication systems with more than 30 devices to be set up.


Modular widths (MW): 2

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Switching actuator
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