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System 3000 blind timer and timer BT

grey matt
99.30 £
Order no. 5367 015
EAN 4010337087250
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PS 02

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Necessary accessories

Optional accessories


  • Manual and time-controlled operation of e.g. blinds, shutters, awnings, lighting or fans.
  • Operation and programming with mobile end device (smartphone or tablet) via Bluetooth using the Gira Bluetooth app.
  • Operation on System 3000 switching, dimming or blind insert or auxiliary insert 3-wire.

Functions on the top unit

  • Operation of hangings and lighting.
  • The blocking function blocks operation of the auxiliary unit and deactivates automatic mode.
  • Activate/deactivate automatic mode.
  • The runtime and an individual intermediate position can be saved using the System 3000 blind controller insert.
  • Switch-on brightness of lighting can be saved using System 3000 dimming insert or DALI Power control unit.
  • Adjustbable night mode. Status LED and function LED are not lit up continuously.

Functions with the Gira Bluetooth app

  • Operation of hangings and lighting with status feedback.
  • Display the current hanging position or dimmer setting.
  • Programming of up to 40 individual switching times.
  • Blind or slat positions or switching and dimming values can be stored for each switching time.
  • Switching times can be copied to other devices.
  • Switching at sunrise or sunset (astro function).
  • Astro time can be optimised by determining the location.
  • Astro time shift adjustable.
  • Random function.
  • Automatic date and time refresh when connecting smartphones or tablets.
  • Password protection possible for time programs and configuration.
  • Save a hanging position, hanging runtime, slat reversal time.
  • Changeover to inverse operation possible for blind inserts.
  • Maximum brightness and minimum brightness adjustable for dimming insert.
  • Optional: Sun protection and twilight function are possible with System 3000 brightness and temperature sensor Bluetooth.

Technical data

Per month:
± 10 s

Power reserve:
approx. 4 h

Wireless frequency:
2.402 to 2.480 GHz

Transmission power:
max. 2.5 mW, class 2

Transmission range:
typ. 10 m

Ambient temperature:
-5 °C to +45 °C


  • The time is updated upon connection to the Gira Bluetooth app.

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