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  • Operation on switching, dimming or blind insert or 3-wire auxiliary insert from System 3000.
  • Manual, wireless and time-controlled operation of e.g. blinds, shutters, awnings, lighting or fans.
  • Transmitter for wireless transmission of switching, dimming and blind commands.
  • Adjustbable night mode. Status LED and function LED are not lit up continuously.
  • Status feedback to wireless transmitter.
  • Status display with LED.
  • Evaluation of auxiliary inputs.

Functions in combination with blind insert:

  • Positioning of hangings via scene call-up.
  • Position for sun protection and twilight.
  • Runtime and ventilation position of the hanging can be saved.

Functions in combination with light insert:

  • Scene operation possible.
  • Switch-on brightness can be permanently stored when combined with dimming insert.

Functions in combination with 3-wire auxiliary unit:

  • Power-supplied eNet transmitter.
  • Lighting control.
  • Shading control.

Adjustable with eNet server version 2.3 and higher (depending on the insert):

  • Fully encrypted wireless transmission (AES-CCM).
  • Deactivate auxiliary unit evaluation.
  • Operation locks.
  • Reversal time adjustable for blinds, shutters and awnings.
  • Direction of travel can be inverted.
  • Position for sun protection, twilight, lock-out protection and wind alarm.
  • Maximum brightness, minimum brightness and dimming speed adjustable.
  • Function of the status LED can be set as status LED/actuation display.
  • Delay time.
  • Switch-on/off delay.
  • Dimming ramp up/down.
  • Switch-off pre-warning.
  • Permanent-on, permanent-off.
  • Hotel function.
  • Light control.
  • Repeater function.
  • Device software update.
  • Save a time for raising and lowering blinds or a switch-on and switch-off time. These switch times are repeated every 24 hours in memory mode.
  • Blocking function blocks auxiliary unit operation, wireless operation and deactivates memory mode.

Technical data

Ambient temperature:
-5 °C to +45 °C

Wireless frequency:
868.0 to 868.6 MHz

Range (free field):
approx. 100 m


  • The range can be reduced when using a metal top unit and/or metal cover frames.
  • Radio approval is valid for EU and EFTA countries.

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