Motion detector Cube 120

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  • Automatically switches lighting on/off, depending on thermal motion and ambient brightness.
  • Automatic temperature-compensated sensor sensitivity.
  • Continuous light (max. 2 h) can be activated using an optional switch/button.
  • Test mode for evaluating the detection range.
  • Individual adaptation of the detection range using the enclosed covering panel that can be cut to size.
  • Adjustable switch-off delay: 5 s to 15 min or short-term operation of 1 s.
  • Save current twilight value using teach-in function.
  • Glare protection, brightness-independent sensor evaluation for 60 s in the event of glare caused by extraneous light.
  • Short-time operation, output is switched on for approx. 1 s.
  • Remote control optional.

Technical data

Rated voltage:
AC 230 V~, 50/60 Hz

Connected load
HV LED lamps:
typically 200 W
Light bulbs:
2000 W
Fluorescent lamps, uncompensated:
1000 VA (cos φ = 0.5)
Fluorescent lamps, parallel-compensated:
500 W (45.6 µF)
Fluorescent lamps, series-compensated:
900 W

Capacitive load:
176 µF

Brightness value
Brightness value:
2 to 1000 lx

Setting controller
Delay time:
5 seconds to 15 minutes

Connection cross section
Max. 2.5 mm²
Fine-wire without core jacket:
Max. 2.5 mm²
fine-wire with core jacket:
Max. 1.5 mm²

Protection level:

Ambient temperature:
-25 °C to +55 °C

Angle of detection:

Mounting height 2.50 m
Detection range facing forwards, max.:
approx. 16 m
Range at each side, max.:
approx. 11 m


  • Suitable for ceiling and wall mounting indoors and outdoors.
  • Optional: Can be controlled remotely using IR remote control PIR 3.
  • Observe high peak switch-on currents with "energy saving lamps". Check suitability of the lamps before use!

Scope of supply

  • Covering panel for adapting the detection range is included in the scope of supply.

Dimensions in mm

without lens: 87 87 85

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Motion detector Cube
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