Pushbutton sensor 4 Komfort, 2-gang for KNX

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  • Pushbutton sensor with integrated bus coupler and the option of connecting a wired remote sensor.
  • Operating surface made of high-quality three-millimetre thick real material (glass, stainless steel, aluminium).
  • Rocker or button function can be set for each operating surface.
  • Tactile feedback when a button is pressed.
  • Functions: Switching, dimming, blinds, value transmitter, scene auxiliary unit, 2-channel operation and controller auxiliary unit.
  • Switching: Reaction when pressed and/or released, switching on, switching off, changing over.
  • Dimming: Times for short and long actuations, dimming in different levels, telegram repetition in the event of long actuation, sending a stop telegram at the end of actuation.
  • Blind controller: four different operating concepts with times for short and long actuation and slat adjustment.
  • Value transmitter function: Value range selection, value on actuation.
  • Scene auxiliary unit: with or without storage function, calling up internal scenes with or without storage function.
  • 2-channel operation: The operation of two independent channels can be set for every rocker or every button. This allows up to two telegrams to be sent on the bus at the push of a button. The channels can be parametrised independently of each other for switching, value transmitting or scene functions.

Controller auxiliary unit properties

  • An external room temperature controller can be controlled with the controller auxiliary unit button function.
  • Operating mode switching, forced operating mode switching, presence function and target value adjustment.
  • Evaluation of the controller status via status LED.

Functions of the status LEDs

  • Every status LED can be parametrised independently of the operating surface.
  • The status LEDs can light up in red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, orange, violet or white as required.
  • Status LED functions: always OFF, always ON, actuation display, telegram acknowledgement, status display, inverted status display, activation via a separate LED object, operating state display, controller status display, presence status display and inverted presence status display.
  • In addition, a superordinate function can be enabled for every status LED, allowing another colour and display type to be set.

General functions

  • Alarm message LED: All LEDs of the pushbutton sensor can flash red simultaneously in the event of an alarm message.
  • Orientation lighting LED: For orientation, all LEDs can be switched off or on permanently, indicate the status of a separate communication object (ON, OFF, flashing) or be switched on when a button is pressed and automatically switched off again after a delay time passes.
  • Night-time reduction LED: Control of the brightness of all status LEDs via a communication object. This means that the brightness can be reduced to a value configured in the ETS during night hours.
  • Function for disabling individual buttons or rockers.
  • Scene function: Internal storage of up to eight scenes with eight output channels.
  • Temperature measurement: Room temperature measurement by internal sensors, internal and wired remote sensors or internal and external sensors.
  • Room humidity measurement: Measurement of the room humidity by internal sensors.
  • Disassembly safeguard
  • Rockers can be customised via the Gira Inscription Service.
  • Rocker sets with up to 3 mm thick real material available separately.
  • KNX Data Secure from 12/2022.
  • Firmware can be updated using the Gira ETS Service App (additional software).

Technical data

KNX medium:

KNX connection:
Connection and junction terminal

Protection class:

Installation depth:
16 mm

95 x 95 mm

Ambient temperature:
-5 °C to +45 °C


  • Professional labelling with the Gira Inscription Service www.marking.gira.com.
  • The pushbutton sensor is supplied with a program-neutral start-up rocker. The suitable rocker set for the design line must be ordered separately.

Scope of supply

  • Connection and junction terminal for KNX included in the scope of supply.

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Pushbutton sensor 4 Komfort
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Pushbutton sensor 4 Komfort
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Pushbutton sensor 4 Komfort
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