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Surface-mounted video home station Plus
System 55

grey matt
513.45 £
Order no. 1239 015
EAN 4010337082927
Packing unit 1
PS 10

Recommended retail price. Prices valid for Great Britain with prices valid 01/21.
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Now also in grey matt. Available from 02/2021.

Necessary accessories

Optional accessories

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  • When using an additional power supply for door communication, up to 28 surface-mounted home stations video can be used in parallel.
  • The surface-mounted video home station automatically detects whether a power supply is connected for door communication. A jumper between the additional power supply and bus is not required.
  • Colour display with LED backlighting.
  • OSD function, i.e. text presentation in display for status display and menu guidance.
  • Capacitive operating buttons with integrated LEDs for status display: the buttons are operated with a light touch.
  • Connectable automatic door opener: when this function is activated, the door opener is automatically operated after pressing the door station call button.
  • Automatic call acceptance: direct speaking or listening into a room following an internal call.
  • Toll-free in-house intercom communication with up to ten other home stations.

The operating buttons of the surface-mounted video home station control the following functions:

  • Manual switching on/off of TFT colour display.
  • Camera changeover – specific selection of connected colour cameras. Text in the display indicates which camera is currently being controlled.
  • Switching light and other functions in conjunction with the switching actuator or the flush-mounted switching actuator.
  • Control of the door opener.
  • Switching the ringtone on and off.
  • Call acceptance.
  • Activation of the enforcement function.
  • Adjustment of ring tone and voice volume.

Functions in the end customer menu:

  • Internal call, switching action, ringtone melody, brightness, colour intensity, contrast, switch-on time of the display, language (21 languages can be selected), button tones, automatic door opener (when enabled by the installer), automatic call acceptance (when enabled by the installer).

Additional functions in the installer menu:

  • Selection of main/secondary display, frequency setting, termination of the cable, version indication, factory setting, switching display on/off, switching LED illumination on/off, call button assignment, internal call assignment, enabling of automatic door opener and automatic call acceptance.
  • Card slot for SD memory card.
  • SD memory card.

New additional functions in the end customer menu:

  • Internal image memory (when enabled by the installer) for up to 48 images. Manual transfer from internal to external image memory (SD memory card). Manual deletion of image memory. Manual triggering of snapshot. Rename switching actions and internal calls. Change date/time.

New additional functions in the installer menu:

  • Release of the internal image memory. Set the image interval and recording speed. Set date/time.

Properties of the SD memory card:

  • Directory for ten ringing tones, five of which can be configured freely in WAVE format. Folder for external image memory (max. 200 images).

Technical data

Power supply:
DC 26 V ± 2 V (via 2-wire bus)

2-wire bus:
2x screw terminals
Floor-call button:
2x screw terminals
Additional power supply:
2x screw terminals

Display size:
5.59 cm (2.2")

SD memory card
Image memory:
max. 200 images
Ringtone melodies:
10, 5 of which can be selected freely (WAVE format)


  • Installation without cover frame or with 2-gang cover frame without crossbar from the System 55 and Gira F100 design lines.

Scope of supply

  • An SD memory card is included in the scope of supply.

Dimensions in mm

System 55: 55 127 20
Gira F100: 70 142 20

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Ringing tone melodies for the surface-mounted home station video Plus - ZIP A

Original ringing tone melodies of the surface-mounted home station video Plus

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Ringing tone melodies for the surface-mounted home station video Plus - ZIP B

Ringing tone melodies 1 -5 fromthe surface-mounted home station video for use in the surface-mounted home station video Plus

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Surface-mounted home station video Plus
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