Motion detector top unit 1.10 m Komfort for KNX

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Replaces KNX automatic control switch1304 ...

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  • Installation on bus coupler 3.
  • Configurable for motion detection (sentinel application) or for room monitoring (detector application).
  • Evaluation of brightness during active motion detection in sentinel mode. Switching off lights when brightness threshold is exceeded.
  • Configurable number of motion impulses within one monitoring time in detection mode.
  • Digital motion detection via 2 PIR sensors.
  • Sensitivity of motion detection can be parameterised separately in steps for the PIR sectors.
  • Integrated brightness sensor for determining ambient brightness.
  • Adjustment of sensitivity via a dial on the device or via IR remote control PIR KNX (accessory).
  • Evaluation of the measured brightness by means of up to three independent brightness limits.
  • Indication of motion detection (permanent or only during walking test).
  • Up to 5 function blocks that are freely configurable for the "sentinel", "sentinel with switch-off brightness" or "detector" application.
  • Two output communication objects are available for each function block which are transmitted to the KNX via the switching and control commands.
  • Configurable functions: switching, staircase function, dimming value transmitter, scene auxiliary unit, temperature value transmitter, brightness value transmitter, operating mode changeover, switching with forced setting.
  • Function block switchover for bus-controlled switchover between two function block groups.
  • Changeover of operating mode (OFF / AUTO / ON) of the first function block during operation via on-site operation.
  • Blocking individual function blocks as required via the KNX.
  • Manual operation of the controlled KNX actuators and consequently deactivation of automatic PIR operation is possible.
  • In brightness-independent operation, the function block can determine the time span after a previous movement and transmit it to the KNX via a communication object. This function allows for simple monitoring of movements,for example of persons in assisted living residences or in a retirement home.
  • Functionality of motion detection adjustable for the "sentinel" or "sentinel with switch-off brightness" application.
  • For the "sentinel" or "sentinel with switch-off brightness" applications, the device can be used as a single device, main unit or auxiliary unit.
  • Walking test function to help in planning and adjusting the PIR detection range.
  • Integrated room temperature measurement.
  • Tamper alarm, a 1-bit or 1-byte telegram is triggered when bus coupler is disconnected.
  • IR remote control PIR KNX (accessory) for setting functions of the first function block (dusk stage, sensitivity of motion detection, motion evaluation and overrun time). Switching the walking test function on and off.

Technical data

KNX medium:

Mounting height up to 1.10 m
Range of detection forwards:
Max. 32 m
Range to each side:
Max. 19 m

Angle of detection:

Brightness sensor
Measurement range:
approx. 1 to 1000 lx

Protection class
System 55, Gira F100:

Ambient temperature:
-5 °C to +45 °C

Temperature sensor
Measurement range:
-5 °C to +45 °C
±1 K


  • Suitable for indoor use only.
  • The motion detector is not suitable for alarm messages in VdS-compliant alarm systems.

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Motion detector Comfort 1.10 m / 2.20 m
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Motion detector Comfort, Standard 1.10 m
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Motion detector Komfort 1.10 m / 2.20 m
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