Surface-mounted gong

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  • The surface-mounted gong in the Gira door communication system is for additional signalling.
  • Fully pre-assembled surface-mounted gong. This facilitates fast and clean installation.
  • Design diversity thanks to integration, allowing uniform appearance of door communication and electrical installation.
  • Installation possible with or without frame.
  • Easy installation using pull-off screw terminals.
  • Easy removal of device during renovation work.
  • Mounting holes for installation.
  • Signal transmission and power supply of the surface-mounted gong via reverse-polarity-protected and short-circuit-proof 2-wire bus.
  • Parallel connection of up to three gongs or home stations possible.
  • One-man commissioning with simple commissioning procedure.
  • Operating buttons with integrated LEDs for status display.
  • LED display for an incoming call.
  • Ringing tone deactivation is possible.
  • Ringing tone differentiation for door call, internal call and floor call.
  • Selection of ringtone melody – up to five different ringtone melodies can be selected.

The operating buttons on the gong control the following functions

  • Setting the ringing tone melody.
  • Switching the ringing tone on and off.
  • Adjustment of ring tone volume.

Technical data

Power supply:
via the 2-wire bus

2-wire bus:
2 x screw terminal
Floor-call button:
2 x screw terminal

Ambient temperature:
-5 °C to +50 °C


  • A cover frame is required for mounting on a device box.
  • A cover frame, 2-gang without crossbar is required for mounting with a cover frame.

Dimensions in mm

Device: B 55 H 127 T 20

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