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  • The video distributor is an active component for line adjustment of the video signal.
  • The video distributor distributes the video signal of the door stations, DCS-camera gateways and DCS-IP gateways to the home stations.
  • The video distributor is required when the cable routing to the video components of the Gira door communication system is implemented as a branch line.
  • The video distributor ensures the proper terminating resistance to prevent possible reflections of the individual branches and the resulting picture disturbances.

The combination housing makes three mounting types possible

  • Surface-mounted (in a standard junction box).
  • Flush-mounted (in a device box).
  • As a DRA device (using the DRA adapter enclosed).

Technical data

Power supply:
DC 26 V ± 2 V (by 2-wire bus)

2-wire bus IN:
2 x screw terminal
2-wire bus OUT:
6 x screw terminal

Ambient temperature:
-25 °C to +70 °C


  • The video distributor is cascadable. A total of up to 15 video distributors and video multiplexers can be used in one system.
  • No further configuration is necessary during commissioning because the video distributor automatically adapts to the existing mains supply.

Scope of supply

  • A DRA adapter is included.

Dimensions in mm

Video distributor: B 36 H 52 T 27

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