System 106 housing for flush mounting
2 x 2-gang

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2 x 2-gang
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5518 00
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Necessary accessories

For System 106 housing, flush 1-gang, one of the following products:
System 106 installation box for flush mounting

door st.mod. door st.mod. start-up btn For System 106 housing, flush 2-gang to 5-gang, select from the following products:
intercom mod. call-btn mod.1-g call-btn mod.2-g call btn mod.3-g call btn mod.4-g call-btn mod.4-g start-up btns camera mod. display mod. (DIN 18040) info mod. blank mod. flush 1-g
Independent of the construction progress, the housings can already be installed in the building shell.
Housings available in metal alloy laquered in anthracite: all robust materials which ensure durability.



  • Vertical and horizontal mounting enables optimal adaptation to the installation point.
  • Suitable for use in the facade module.
  • The housings can be mounted as soon as the façade has been completed.


  • System 106 flush-mounted housing, 1-gang only for use with door station module and System 106 Keyless In components.
  • For use with System 106 installation box for flush mounting on a front plate already present in the building (letterbox, door-side installation or similar).

Scope of supply

  • Flat ribbon cable, 10-pole and terminating resistors are included in the scope of supply (exception: System 106 housing for flush mounting, 1-gang).

Dimensions in mm

Housing 1-gang: 106,5 106,5 23,35
Housing 2-gang: 106,5 213,0 25,35
Housing 3-gang: 106,5 319,5 25,35
Housing 4-gang: 106,5 426,0 25,35
2 x 2-gang: 213,0 213,0 25,35
Housing 5-gang: 106,5 532,5 25,35

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System 106 flush-mounted housing1-gang to 5-gang
Installation instructions

Installation instructions

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