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Stainless steel video door station

stainless steel
1,715.64 £
Order no. 2560 20
EAN 4010337051299
Packing unit 1
PS 20

Recommended retail price. Prices valid for Great Britain with prices valid 01/21.
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Discontinued item. Available until 12/2021.

Necessary accessories

Optional accessories

Necessary from the 3rd camera

Optional spare part


  • Extension of the stainless steel door station with a video camera.


  • Automatic day or night switching: the camera switches from day mode (colour display) to night mode (black and white display) and back again at a defined ambient brightness. Due to the high degree of light sensitivity in night mode, good presentation results are achieved even in poor lighting conditions.
  • LEDs ensure steady illumination of the field of view at close proximity in night mode.
  • Camera can be manually swivelled 20° horizontally and vertically. In combination with the wide-angle lens, a very wide field of view results.
  • Automatic background lighting compensation.
  • Automatic white balance.
  • Automatic gain control (AGC).
  • Integrated camera heating with temperature detection.
  • Sprayed-water proof cover plate.
  • Camera cover plate made of shock-resistant plastic. Easy to replace if damaged, e.g. due to vandalism.

Technical data

Image recording element:
CCD sensor 0.85 cm (1/3″)

Wide-angle lens:

Visible detection range:

Area of detection (for 20° swivelling):

Colour system:

500 (H) x 582 (V)

Horizontal resolution:
380 TV lines

Switchover threshold for colour to B/W operation:
1 lux

Light sensitivity in B/W operation:
0.1 lux

Electronic shutter speed :
up to 1/100000 s

IR filter:

Recommended mounting height for camera:
1.50 m


  • The stainless steel video door station is supplied ready for connection including built-in speaker and, for larger buildings, including an add-on module. This eliminates time-consuming cabling of the call buttons. Only a Gira 2-wire bus is required to connect the door station stainless steel.

Dimensions in mm

Front plate, 10-gang: W 270 H 285 D -
Front plate, 12-gang: W 270 H 285 D -
Flush-mounted box, 10-gang: W 250 H 265 D 60
Flush-mounted box, 12-gang: W 250 H 265 D 60
Name plate: W 62 H 18 D -

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Door Station Stainless Steel (Video)
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Gira Door Station Stainless Steel
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Product information
Gira Door Station Stainless Steel
Elegant, rugged and vandal-proof
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