Presence detector and motion detector 360° Kompakt

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Necessary accessories



  • Automatic switching of lighting, depending on the movement of heat and ambient brightness.
  • 2-point light control.
  • Functions can be adjusted with IR remote controls.
  • Restricting the detection field by switching off individual sensors or clip-on panel.
  • Operation with IR remote control, auxiliary unit 2-wire or rocker button.
  • Teach-in function for adapting the brightness threshold, in combination with IR remote controls.
  • Switch-off pre-warning.
  • Short-term operation, e.g. for controlling acoustic signal transmitters.
  • Occupied-home simulation.
  • Function as twilight switch.
  • Dynamic delay time.
  • Extension of the detection field by connecting several devices in parallel.

Technical data

Rated voltage:
110 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

max. 0.3 W

Remote control battery
CR 2025
UN no.:

Mounting height:
approx. 2.20 m to 6.0 m

Mounting height 3 m
Detection angle:
Detection range:
Ø approx. 20 m

Brightness value:
approx. 5 to 2000 lx

Delay time
approx. 10 s to 30 min
Short-term operation:
approx. 0.5 s

Switching current at 35 °C
16 A (AC1)
Fluorescent lamps:
4 AX

Connected load AC 230 V~ and 35 °C
Light bulbs:
2300 W
HV halogen lamps:
2000 W
Tronic transformer:
1500 W
Wound transformer:
1000 VA
LED lamps:
typically 400 W
Compact fluorescent lamp:
typically 400 W
Fluorescent lamps, uncompensated:
920 VA
Capacitive load:
690 VA (560 µF)

Connected load AC 110 V~ and 35 °C
Light bulbs:
1150 W
HV halogen lamps:
1000 W
Tronic transformer:
750 W
Wound transformer:
500 VA
LED lamps:
typically 200 W
Compact fluorescent lamp:
typically 200 W
Fluorescent lamps, uncompensated:
460 VA
Capacitive load:
345 VA (560 µF)

Ambient temperature:
-5 °C to +45 °C


  • The required settings for start-up are carried out with the IR remote control PIR 1 (accessory) for the installer.
  • Ceiling mounting indoors, surface-mounted.

Scope of supply

  • IR remote control PIR 2 for the customer is included.
  • Clip-on panel for limiting the detection field is included in the scope of supply.

Dimensions in mm

Ø 103 H 63

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Presence detector and motion detector 360° compact
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