KNX ctrl.unit 1 - 10 V 4-g man.act. [222400] Control unit 1 – 10 V, 4-gang with manual actuation for KNX DALI, other electronics DRA Features: - The control unit switches and dims electrical devices that feature a 1–10 V interface. - Five device configurations can be selected. This leads to the assignment of four individually-controllable dimming channels to the switching outputs (e.g. four dimming channels are assigned to one switching relay to control a RGBW light). - Relay outputs that are not associated with a dimming channel can be used as freely-acting switching actuator channel. - Reactions in case of bus voltage failure and restoration can be set following an ETS programming process. - Manual actuation of the outputs independently of the bus with mechanical switching position indicator. - Delay for actively transmitted feedback messages following bus voltage recovery. - Logical linking function configurable per channel. - Up to three central switching functions for the joint control of all dimming and switching channels. - Switch-on times of the relay outputs can be recorded and evaluated by the elapsed-hours meter. - Group feedback of all switching conditions possible. Dimming channels - Four individually-controllable dimming channels. - Feedback on switching condition and brightness value. - Dimmable brightness range can be set. - Dimming behaviour and dimming characteristics can be parameterised. - Soft switch-on and soft switch-off function - Block function or forced setting function can be parameterised. - Time functions (switch-on delay, switch-off delay, staircase light function). With the staircase light function, the reaction at the end of the switch-on time can be configured. - Inclusion of a dimming channel in up to ten scenes is possible. - The burning-in function allows for the commissioning of new fluorescent lamps prescribed by lighting manufacturers. Switching actuator operation (optional) - Independent switching of switch outputs A2 to A4. - NO contact or NC contact operation. - Feedback from the switching condition. - Block function or forced setting function can be parameterised. - Time functions (switch-on, switch-off delay, staircase light function - also with advance warning function). - Can be integrated in the light scenes. Up to ten internal scenes per switching output are programmable. - Cyclical monitoring of incoming switching telegram is configurable. Technical data: KNX medium: TP256 Relay - Quantity: 4 - Contact: 1 x zero-voltage NO contact each, flip-flop Control outputs - Control voltage: 1 to 10 V - Control current per output: max. 100 mA - Cable length: max. 500 m with 0.5 mm² Switch outputs - Switching voltage: AC 250/400 V - Switching current 230 V AC1: 16 A - Switching current 230 V AC3: 10 A - Switching current 400 V AC1: 10 A - Switching current 400 V AC3: 6 A - Fluorescent lamps: 16 AX Lamp loads - Light bulbs: 3680 W - HV halogen lamps: 3680 W - Wound electronic transformer: 2000 VA - Tronic transformer: 2500 W Fluorescent lamps T5/T8 - Uncompensated: 3680 W - parallel compensated: 2500 W/200 µF - Duo-circuit: 3680 W/200 µF Compact fluorescent lamps - Uncompensated: 3680 W - parallel compensated: 2500 W/200 µF Mercury-vapour lamps - Uncompensated: 3680 W - parallel compensated: 3680 W/200 µF Ambient temperature: -5 °C to +45 °C Connections - KNX: Connection and junction terminal - 1 – 10 V: Screw terminals - Load: Screw terminals Connection cross section: Max. 4 mm² Notes: - Electronic ballasts generate very high current spikes. For this reason, use a switch-on current limiter or a separate load contact for with greater loads. Scope of supply: - Connection and junction terminal for KNX included in the scope of supply. Dimensions: Modular width (MW): 4 Make: Gira Order No. 2224 00 DRA Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx