Insert S3000 DALI Power ctrl.unit FM ins. [540600] Gira System 3000 DALI power control unit, flush-mounted insert Gira System 3000 Features: - For switching on/off and adjusting brightness for lights with a DALI interface - Adjustment of colour temperature for lights with DALI Device Type 8 for Tunable White according to IEC 62386-209. - Connecting auxiliary units is possible. - DALI power supply for 18 DALI devices. - Parallel connection of up to 4 DALI Power control units to supply up to 72 DALI devices. - Save the minimum brightness, the coolest and warmest colour temperature. - Switch on with the last brightness/colour temperature set, or a saved brightness/colour temperature. - With System 3000 operating top unit, 2-gang: Setting the colour temperature using the right-hand rocker. Combination with KNX RF operating top unit, 1-gang/2-gang - Dimming actuator, 1-gang. - Sensor channel, 1-gang or 2-gang. - Brightness and colour temperature control can be adjusted separately. - Local control of System 3000 insert possible. - Wireless control of other KNX devices as sensor possible. - Temperature detection. - Insert function selection: Staircase function, scene function, blocking function, time delays. Auxiliary input can be used as an additional operating point for the System 3000 insert or for wireless control of other KNX devices as a sensor. Technical data: Rated voltage: AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz Power consumption: max. 2.8 W DALI rated voltage: DC 16 V (typ.) Output current: max. 36 mA Number of DALI devices: max. 18 Number of DALI Power control units that can be connected in parallel: max. 4 Colour temperature adjustment: 2000 to 10000 K Auxiliary inputs - Non-illuminated mechanical buttons: unlimited - Auxiliary insert, 2-wire: unlimited - Auxiliary insert, 3-wire: max. 10 Installation depth: 30 mm Installation: in device box pursuant to DIN 49073 Ambient temperature: -5 °C to +45 °C Make: Gira Order No. 5406 00 Quantity: 0 Stk Individual price: 134.26 £ (without VAT) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx