KNX pres.detec.Mini Standard [222000] Presence detector Mini Standard for KNX Lighting control Presence detector for presence monitoring (operating mode: presence detector), for motion detection (operating mode: ceiling sentinel) or for monitoring with alarm telegrams (operating mode: alarm device) indoors or outdoors. With their subtle and flat design and flexible installation concept, presence detectors Mini are particularly suitable for properties with high architectural demands. Features: - Extreme flat installation. - Terminal mounting on suspended ceilings. - Ceiling mounting on fixed ceilings in device box in accordance with DIN 49073 using optional accessories. - Surface-mounted installation in surface-mounted device box (optional accessory). - Protection type IP44 allows installation outdoors or in moisture-prone areas. - The colour emphasis of the design rings enables their colours to be adapted to the wall or ceiling. - Following removal of the design ring, all the operating elements (e.g. the programming button) of the device can be conveniently accessed from the front. This means removal is not necessary for subsequent adjustment or programming via the ETS. - Recessed ceiling device with integrated KNX bus coupling. - PIR sensors: three sensors, integrated brightness sensor. - Sensitivity of the motion detection can be set manually using an adjuster. - Sensitivity can be configured by ETS. - Sensitivity adjuster on the device can be deactivated using the software. - Indication of motion detection (permanent or only during walking test). - One function block can be configured. - Adjustable operating mode: ceiling observer, presence detector, alarm device. - individual device, main unit, auxiliary unit can be set. - Operating mode for individual device or main unit: Automatic, semi-automatic (manual ON / automatic OFF or automatic ON / manual OFF). - Two outputs (for function: ceiling observer, presence detector). - Output (for function: ceiling observer, presence detector): Switching, staircase light function, switching with forced setting, dimming value transmitter, light scene auxiliary unit, temperature value transmitter, brightness value transmitter, temperature operating mode. - Dusk stage can be set using external communication object or teach-in. - Additional transmission delay via external communication object. - Adaptive delay time (self-teaching additional transmission delay) - Short-term presence function. - Feedback of dusk stage. - Block function. - Manual actuation by pushbutton sensor (separate communication object). - Switch-off brightness (for presence detectors) via teach-in. - Measurement of time period after last motion. Technical data: KNX medium: TP256 Mounting height: 2.20 m to 5 m Angle of detection: 360° Mounting height 3 m - Detection range: Ø approx. 12 m Brightness sensor - Measurement range: 10 to 2000 lx - Detection range: 5 m Ø Installation height on ceiling - Design ring: 1.25 mm - incl. lens: 4.8 mm Ambient temperature: -25 °C to +55 °C Relative humidity: 10 to 100 % (without condensation) Protection class: IP44 Protection class: III KNX connection: Connection and junction terminal Installation depth: 34 mm Notes: - The presence detector Mini is not suitable for alarm messages in VdS-compliant alarm systems. Scope of supply: - Small design ring is included in the scope of supply. - Connection and junction terminal for KNX included in the scope of supply. Dimensions in mm: Ceiling cut-out: 44 x - x Dimensions (incl. small design ring): 53,5 x 38 x Make: Gira Order No. 2220 00 Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx