WP SM grey blind sw./btn 1-p in.sp. [015430] Blind button or switch, 1-pole 10 AX 250 V~ with inscription space Group button/switch Gira water-protected surface-mounted system IP44 Grey Technical data: Connection cross section - for rigid conductors to: 2.5 mm² Rated output - LEDi/CFLi: 100 W Notes: - Button function upon rotation of the knob. After removing the brass locking mechanism, button function upon slight rotation of the knob. When fully rotating the knob, the switch engages. Scope of supply: - Blank inscription label enclosed. Make: Gira Order No. 0154 30 Grey Quantity: 0 Stk Individual price: 52.21 £ (without VAT) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx