Gira eNet anthra. WL h-h transm. 2-g [535210] eNet wireless hand-held transmitter, 2-gang Gira eNet anthracite Features: - The eNet wireless transmitters transfer switching, dimming, and blind adjustment commands to corresponding eNet wireless receivers. - Two buttons belong to each channel. - Each pair of buttons can be set as channel or scene function. - Status LED. - Battery-operated device. Can be set with eNet server: - Fully encrypted wireless transmission (AES CCM) from eNet Server software version 2.0. - Signalling of the transmission status deactivatable. - Operation locks. - All-On or All-Off scenes, threshold value scenes, and individual scenes can be configured. - Configuration of scene button via eNet SMART HOME App (if-then rules) to trigger actions, scenes, or timers. - Device software update. Technical data: Ambient temperature: -5 °C to +45 °C Wireless frequency: 868.3 MHz Range (free field): approx. 100 m Rated voltage: DC 3 V Battery - Type: CR 2450N - UN no.: 3091 Notes: - Batteries are consumables and must be replaced regularly. Please observe the regulations on the disposal of used batteries. Scope of supply: - Batteries are included in the scope of supply. Dimensions in mm: W 40,5 x H 55 x D 15 Make: Gira Order No. 5352 10 anthracite Quantity: 0 Stk Individual price: 51.38 £ (without VAT) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx