System 55 LED light RGB [116900] LED orientation light 230 V~ RGB Gira System 55 Features: - LED orientation light for private and commercial use. - The orientation light is used, for example, to illuminate stairs or as an orientation aid in dark rooms. - RGB LEDs are used as light sources. - The light colours white, blue, red, green and orange can be set consecutively, or a continuous colour cycle over the entire range of colours (approx. 5 min.) can be started via a control input. - As a result, any desired colour can be set by stopping at the corresponding point. - The brightness of the light can be set individually. - A film which can be inscribed individually can be laid in the cover plate. - Pictograms for room and route marking can be inserted. Technical data: Rated voltage: AC 230 V, 50 Hz Power consumption: 1.8 W/2.0 VA Light intensity (white): 1.2 cd Installation depth: 30 mm Connections - maximum: 1.5 mm² Ambient temperature: -15 °C to +40 °C Notes: - Professional labelling with the Gira Inscription Service Scope of supply: - A stainless-steel slat (for glare reduction) is included with the LED orientation light. Make: Gira Order No. 1169 00 Quantity: 0 Stk Individual price: 96.08 £ (without VAT) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx