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Home station receiver System 55

pure white glossy
Order No. 1281 03
EAN 4010337001614
Packing unit 1
PS 18

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  • Uniform installation of door communication and electrical installation in a device box.
  • Design diversity thanks to integration in the design line. This facilitates the uniform appearance of the door communication and electrical installation.
  • Signal transmission and supply of the audio and video components via reverse-polarity-protected and short-circuit-proof 2-wire bus.
  • Modular design, therefore easy installation and expandability with further components such as call buttons for home stations, TFT colour display, etc.
  • Parallel connection of up to three home stations is possible.
  • One-man start-up with easy start-up procedure.
  • Ringing tone differentiation for door call, floor call and internal call.
  • Toll-free in-house intercom communication in combination with the call button for home stations.
  • Eavesdropping prevention.
  • Integration possible in Profile 55.
  • Call acceptance by picking up receiver.
  • Magnetic receiver hook with integrated cradle.
  • Plug-in receiver cable for greater ease of installation.

The operating buttons of the home station control the following functions

  • Switching light and other functions in conjunction with the switching actuator or the flush-mounted switching actuator.
  • Control of the door opener.
  • Adjustment of ringtone volume.

Technical data

Power supply:
DC 26 V ± 2 V (via 2-wire bus)

Bus coupler connections
2-wire bus:
2x screw terminals
Floor-call button:
2x screw terminals
Connection cable:
2x screw terminals
1 x connector strip

Ambient temperature:
-5 °C to +50 °C

Receiver insert connections
Connection cable:
1 x connector strip
RJ11 jack

Installation depth:
30 mm


  • The intermediate plate 55 x 55 mm is required for integration in the Stainless Steel Series 20/21.
  • This component enables door communication systems with more than 30 devices to be set up.
  • The video control device DRA is required if the system is extended with a TFT display.
  • Installation with cover frame, 2-gang.

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