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Electronic hygrostat 230 V~(AC)

cream white glossy
Order No. 2265 01
EAN 4010337049425
Packing unit 1
PS 02

pure white glossy
Order No. 2265 03
EAN 4010337049432
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pure white matt
Order No. 2265 27
EAN 4010337049494
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Order No. 2265 28
EAN 4010337049500
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colour aluminium
Order No. 2265 26
EAN 4010337049487
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black matt
Order No. 2265 005
EAN 4010337037187
Packing unit 1
PS 02

Recommended retail price. Price system (PS) not equal to 1, 14 = reduced discount.
Black matt. New product.


  • The hygrostat detects the humidity and the room temperature using internal sensors and calculates the optimum air humidity for the respective measured temperature.
  • For example, if the humidity exceeds the value set on the rotary knob, the hygrostat switches on a fan to dehumidify the room.
  • A fixed setpoint control that can be activated by the installer (e.g. in public buildings) prevents unauthorised changing of the humidity setpoint value: In this case, 60% relative humidity is permanently set, regardless of the position of the rotary knob on the front of the device.
  • The hygrostat monitors the switch-on time to prevent continuous operation of the fan in case of a generally high ambient humidity (e.g. when thunderstorms are possible).
  • If the humidity does not drop below the set value after one hour, ventilation is interrupted for four hours.
  • This interruption is indicted by an LED and can be manually affected with a button.

Technical data

Rated voltage:
AC 230 V, 50 Hz

Switching current
cos φ = 1:
8 A
cos φ = 0.6:
4 A

Relay contact:
1 x NO contact equipotential-bonding

Control range:
20% to 95% rel. humidity

Measuring tolerance:
± 5% rel. humidity

Switching differential:
± 2%

Cable length to load:
max. 100 m

Installation depth:
33 mm.

1.5 mm²

Ambient temperature:
0 °C to +50 °C

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Electronic hygrostat, 230 V
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