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Room temperature controller 230 V~ with clock and cooling function

cream white glossy
Order No. 2370 01
EAN 4010337084747
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pure white glossy
Order No. 2370 03
EAN 4010337084754
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pure white matt
Order No. 2370 27
EAN 4010337084778
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Order No. 2370 28
EAN 4010337084785
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colour aluminium
Order No. 2370 26
EAN 4010337084761
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black matt
Order No. 2370 005
EAN 4010337037415
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stainless steel
Order No. 2370 600
EAN 4010337021636
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PS 02

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Black matt. New product.

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  • Electronic room temperature controller with integrated timer for temperature-based single-room control.
  • Heating units can be controlled directly using the switched output, for example.
  • Automatic changeover of "Heating" or "Cooling" operating modes using a separate input.
  • Room temperature control using an internal and/or external temperature sensor as a room temperature controller, as a floor temperature controller or as a floor temperature limiter.
  • Time program with up to 32 switching points (default settings pre-programmed at the factory).
  • Separate program for cooling function.
  • Party function for extending the comfort temperature by one, two, or three hours, or until the next switching point.
  • Energy-saving function for manual activation of the night-time reduction until the next switching point.
  • Automatic summer/winter switchover.
  • The hour display can be toggled between 12-hour and 24-hour mode.
  • Self-teaching heating optimisation.
  • Vacation reduction via date input.
  • Within one hour of continuous heating, the room temperature controller automatically interrupts the heating process for 5 minutes (the heater is switched off).

Technical data

Rated voltage:
AC 230 V, 50 Hz

N conductor required

Switching current
cos φ = 1:
8 A
cos φ = 0.6:
4 A

Relay contact:
1 x NO contact equipotential-bonding

Temperature range
Comfort/Night-time reduction:
+10 °C to +40 °C

Ambient temperature
Cooling temperature:
+10 °C to +40 °C
Anti-freeze temperature:
+5 °C to +15 °C

Energy class:
I = 1 %

Installation depth:
33 mm.

Ambient temperature:
0 °C to +50 °C


  • Remote sensor for measuring or controlling the floor temperature is optionally available.

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Room temperature controller clock with cooling function
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