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Gira Keyless In keypad

Aluminium (lacquered)
Order No. 2605 203
EAN 4010337051404
Packing unit 1
PS 10

Recommended retail price. Price system (PS) not equal to 1, 14 = reduced discount.

Necessary accessories

One of the following articles:
For use in the door communication system

Optional spare part


  • Installation in a device box.
  • Stand-alone device or in combination with the Gira door communication system.
  • For stand-alone operation, the integrated zero-voltage relay contacts are used for switching actions, e.g. for a door opener with its own power supply (e.g. common doorbell transformer).
  • Start-up with direct configuration without a PC or programming software.

Inputs and outputs

  • Switching contact: Two relays with zero-voltage 2-way switch contacts, load capacity AC/DC 24 V / 1.6 A.
  • Two connections for power supply.
  • Keypad as an access control system with a capacitive and therefore wear-free button field.
  • Frequently used number combinations cannot be recognised.
  • Stand-alone device or in combination with the Gira door communication system as a door call system for buildings with several residential units.
  • Special button "C": Deleting an incorrect entry.
  • Special button "Key": Direct door opening when the correct code has been entered.
  • Special button "Bell": Specific selection of home stations in large facilities.
  • Special button "F": Switching functions with switching actuators of the Gira door communication system.
  • Homogeneous blue LED illumination of the numbers and special characters at night.
  • Master PIN number provided on included sealed safety card if Administrator PIN number is lost.
  • The keypad can manage up to 255 codes.
  • Up to 32-digit codes are possible.
  • Audible feedback when button is pressed.
  • Three-colour LED status display during programming and operation.
  • Warning tone in case of unauthorised removal of the keypad top unit for tamper detection. Tampering circuit with switching actuator in the Gira door communication system.
  • The two integrated 2--way switch relays can be assigned two different codes, e.g. Code 1: door opening, Code 2: switching outdoor light.

Inputs and outputs

  • Connection cable connector strip for the Gira door communication system.

Technical data

Protection type
System 55, Gira E22, Gira F100:

Power supply
from power supply for door communication:
DC 24 V ±10 %
from the door communication system:
DC 26 V ± 2 V

1 2-way switch zero-voltage
Load capacity:
AC/DC 24 V / 1.6 A

Connection cable for door communication:
1 x connector strip
3 screw terminals each
Additional power supply:
2x screw terminals

Resistance to EMD:
up to 16 kV

Installation depth:
35 mm

Ambient temperature:
-20 °C to +70 °C


  • Keyless In devices can be connected to the Gira HomeServer using the DCS-IP gateway. This enables intelligent links. In this way, e.g. temporary or one-time access authorisation can be easily granted. All data including access authorisations can be managed centrally and flexibly using the Gira HomeServer.
  • Integration possible in Profile 55.

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