RDS flush-mounted radio with a speaker
Operating top unit in black glass finish, including cover frame Gira E2

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Order no. 0495 72
0495 72
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Discontinued item. Available until 12/2023.

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  • FM radio with RDS display for flush-mounted installation.
  • The RDS flush-mounted radio consists of a radio insert with operating top unit and speaker insert with cover.
  • The radio insert is compactly mounted in a flush-mounted insert and can therefore be installed in a single device box.
  • The speaker can be installed in combination with the radio insert or offset in a device box. Two loudspeakers can be connected to the radio insert.
  • The radio automatically detects connected speakers and switches between stereo and mono mode.
  • With a corresponding RDS signal, the display of the operating top unit shows the station name, the transmission frequency and the time.
  • Operation of the radio is using the capacitive buttons of the operating top unit. Operation only requires a light touching of the symbols.
  • The RDS flush-mounted radio has two station presets, upon each of which a station setting can simply be saved and called up with the button actuation.
  • For example, the radio can be switched on via the auxiliary input with a light switch or automatic control switch together with the room lighting.
  • External audio sources, for example an MP3 player, can be connected to the radio via the stereo AUX input of the radio. For connection to the external audio source, an additional phono insert is required which is connected to the AUX terminals of the radio insert.
  • The docking station insert is connected directly to the stereo AUX input for music playback.
  • In sleep mode the radio switches off automatically 30 minutes after switching on.

Technical data

Frequency range:
87.50 to 107.90 MHz

Rated voltage:
AC 230 V

Screw terminals

Installation depth:
32 mm

Mains connection:
2.5 mm²
Speaker/AUX connection:
1.5 mm²

Ambient temperature:
-5 °C to +50 °C


  • Reception interference can result in combination with additional electronic devices under one cover plate.

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