KNX DRA Gira Eco [204500] Gira Eco for KNX Gira Eco for KNX Features: - Integration of five charging points per device in the KNX system (can be fully configured via the ETS). - Prioritisation of a charging point. - Dynamic load management (DLM). - Static load management (SLM). - Mixed operation by different manufacturers. - Support for external electricity meter (ISKRA, PHOENIX CONTACT, generic) at charging points which do not have an internal electricity meter - Grid-serving control. - Integrated RS485 adapter. - Charging status values: Charging point status (status), Connected (status), Charging (status), Charge completed (status), Interrupt (set/status), Start/Stop (set/status), Unlock (set). - Charging current status values: Set (status/set), Actual L1-L3, Actual (status). - Power status values: Actual L1-L3, Actual (status). - Energy status values: Actual L1-L3, Actual (status). - Energy consumption status values: Last charge (status), Total (status). - Fault status values: Fault, Last fault. - Status values: Communication ID (EVCCID) (status), Internal charging point temperature (status), Temperature warning, RFID tag (status), Serial number, Charging point firmware version. - KNX Secure. - Can be enhanced via firmware updates. Technical data: Rated voltage: DC 24 V to 30 V Power consumption: 2.3 W(DC 24 V external supply) Ambient temperature: 0 °C to +45 °C KNX communication: KNX/TP, S mode KNX medium: TP1-256 IP communication: Ethernet 10/100 BaseT Connections: 2 x RJ45 (integrated switch), connection and junction terminals for KNX and 24 V Dimensions: Modular width (MW): 2 (DRA plus) Make: Gira Order No. 2045 00 Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx