OneKNX FM swit.act. 1-g 16 A bin.input 3-g [506100] Switching actuator, 1-gang 16 A with 3-gang binary input for Gira One and KNX Gira One / Gira KNX Flush mounted Features: Function in the Gira One system - Actuator for switching devices. - 3 binary inputs for connection to conventional switches, buttons and motion detectors with zero-voltage contacts. - The inputs are used to control Gira One actuators or to record status information. - Connection to an external temperature sensor at input 3. - Programming and start-up with the Gira Project Assistant (GPA), from version 5.0. - Encrypted data transfer between the Gira One devices. Switching functions - NO contact or NC contact operation. - Setting of a switch-on or switch-off delay. - Staircase function; a pre-warning time can also be set. - Parameterisation as a switching function for lights or socket outlets, a garage door function or a door opener function, for example, as well as a switching contact for transmitting the heating requirement to a heat pump. - Garage door function: The time for closing the relay can be parameterised. - Door opener function: The time for closing the relay can be parameterised. Binary inputs - Single and double-surface operation can be configured for rocker buttons. - Connection of rocker buttons parameterised with switching, dimming, shading and ventilation, scene call-up, staircase (motion detector), floor call with Gira G1, garage door and door opener functions. - Connection of movement and presence detectors with zero-voltage relay outputs. - Convenient group control of switching, dimming, shading and ventilation devices. - Switching contact evaluation of wind, frost, brightness or rain sensors possible with zero-voltage relay contacts, in order to protect shading and ventilation devices from environmental influences. - Window contact query and visualisation in the Smart Home App: An opened window will result in the activation of the frost protection heating mode after a 5 minutes has elapsed. - Door contact query and visualisation in the Smart Home App: An open door results in the raising and locking of the blind or shutter. - Query regarding a heating/cooling switchover on a heat pump, to allow the current operating mode (heating or cooling) to be forwarded to the heating controller. - Switching contact display to show contact status in the Smart Home app. - Configurable switching inputs that can be independently parameterised. - Recording and comparison of temperature values via remote sensors (see accessories) at input 3. Function in the Gira KNX system - Switching electrical consumers via a relay contact. - Device has three inputs with a common reference potential. - Reading in switching states of installation switches or push buttons and other zero-voltage contacts at inputs 1 to 3. - Signal analysis of dew and leakage sensors (see accessories) at inputs 1 to 3. - Recording of temperature values via remote sensors (see accessories) at input 3. - Up to 8 independent logic functions for implementing simple or complex logical operations. - Actively transmitting feedback or status messages can be delayed after a bus voltage recovery or ETS programming mode. - Bistable relay. Switching functions - NO contact or NC contact operation. - Central switching function via up to 6 switch objects (ON, OFF, permanently ON, permanently OFF). - Switching feedback: Active or passive feedback function. - Reaction in case of bus voltage failure or bus voltage recovery can be set following an ETS programming process. - Logical linking function. - Block function or forced setting function can be parameterised. - Extended blocking function with acknowledgement option. - Time functions (switch-on and switch-off delay, staircase light function – also with advance warning function). - Integration into the light scenes possible: Up to 64 internal scenes can be parameterised. - Scene memory function: Additional visual feedback. - Extended scene retrieval (toggling of scenes). - Elapsed operating time meter can be activated. - Input monitoring for cyclic updating of the switching object with safety position. Technical data: Rated voltage: DC 21 to 32 V SELV Switching capacity: AC 250 V, 16 AX Maximum switch-on current: 800 A (200 µs), 165 A (20 ms) Gira One Medium: Twisted pair (TP),YCYM 2 x 2 x 0.8 Test voltage: 4 kV (KNX/EIB bus line) Connections - Gira One Bus: Connection terminals to control line - Inputs: Connection terminals to control line - Load: Screw terminals Connection cross section: Max. 4 mm² Inputs - Quantity: 3 Input type: Zero-voltage Sampling voltage - Auxiliary inputs: Approx. 5 V Total length - Auxiliary input cable: Max. 10 m Connected load - Ohmic load: 2500 W - Capacitive load: 16 A, max. 140 µF - Motors (blind or fan): 1380 W - Light bulbs: 2300 W - HV halogen lamps: 2300 W - Fluorescent lamps, parallel-compensated: 1160 VA - HV LED lamps: typically 400 W - Wound electronic transformer: 1200 VA - Tronic transformer: 1500 W - Fluorescent lamps, uncompensated: 1000 VA - Fluorescent lamps,lead-lag circuit: 2300 VA Ambient temperature: -5 °C to +45 °C Notes: - Can be updated via the Gira Project Assistant (GPA). - Refer to the Gira One System Manual for information on integrating and installing zero-voltage contacts, motion detectors and presence detectors. Make: Gira Order No. 5061 00 Flush mounted Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx