Insert antenna sock. SE33ST [093700] Antenna socket insert (SE33ST) Gira communication technology Features: - Stub cable outlet with three connections. - The IEC plug for terrestrial TV is located on the bottom left, the IEC socket for FM (radio) on the bottom right and at the top centre is the F connector for satellite TV (SAT). - Channel filter for terrestrial and satellite television with high attenuation rate: The SAT signal is filtered in the FM-TV-IEC connections, while the terrestrial FM/TV signal is filtered in the satellite F connection. - DC feed-through from the SAT connection to the input. - The internal conductor is connected simply by pressing it, without the need for screws. Internal conductor can thus be removed multiple times. - Complies with shield class A. Technical data: UKW frequency band - Frequency range: 87.5 to 108 MHz - Decoupling: > 10 dB UKW frequency band: 4 dB TV frequency band - Frequency range: 125 to 862 MHz - Decoupling: > 10 dB - Attenuation: TV plug: 4 dB SAT frequency band - Frequency range: 950 to 2400 MHz - Decoupling: > 20 dB - Attenuation: SAT plug: 1.5 dB Installation depth: 36 mm Notes: - For screw attachment only. Make: Gira Order No. 0937 00 Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx