KNX combi act. blind + heat. FM [216400] Combination actuator blind and heating for KNX Heating, ventilation, air conditioning Flush mounted Features: - The combination actuator blind and heating is a combination of a blind actuator with a heating actuator. It has three binary inputs for controlling the connected blind, shutter, awning or ventilation flap in the state of delivery. - Operating mode can be parametrised: blinds, shutters, awnings or ventilation flaps. - Separately parameterisable movement times with movement time extension for movements into the upper end position. - Feedback on the curtain or slat position. Active or passive (object can be read out) cyclical feedback functions. - Assignments of up to five different safety functions (three wind alarms, one rain alarm, one frost alarm) or optionally with cyclical monitoring. - Solar protection function with fixed and variable curtain or slat positions can be activated. - Integration in complex shading systems, optionally with automatic heating/cooling and presence function. - Behaviour after bus voltage failure and recovery can be set. - Feedback can be delayed until after the recovery of bus voltage. - Forced setting function can be realised for each blind output. - Integration in scenes is possible, 8 internal scenes at the most can be parameterised per channel. - Memory function for light scenes. - Output, can be controlled via a corrected variable (1-bit or 1-byte). - Status feedback (1-bit or 1-byte) automatically or on read request. - Valve control (open/closed while de-energized) can be configured. - Summer or winter operation can be selected via an object. - Cyclical monitoring of the corrected variable; if a corrected variable telegram remains off within a monitoring period, the output switches into emergency mode and an alarm message is sent. - Each output can be locked in a forced position, and different values are possible for summer and winter operation. - Behaviour upon bus voltage recovery and fails can be parameterised separately for each output. - Messages to indicate short circuits or load failures can be set via an object. - Control of valve drives in switching operation or PWM operation. - Protective function against jammed valve. Technical data: KNX medium: TP1-64 from index I02 TP1-256) Rated voltage: AC 230/240 V, 50/60 Hz Blind output - Switching current: 3 A / AC 1 - Motors AC 230 V: 600 VA Heating output - Switching contact: Triac - Switching current: 5 to 25 mA - Number of drives per output: max. 2 Number of inputs: 3 x zero-voltage Make: Gira Order No. 2164 00 Flush mounted Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx