Gira F100 p.white KNX btn rocker 2-g arrows [5174112] KNX button, rocker 2-gang with arrow symbols Gira F100 pure white glossy Features: - KNX button with integrated bus coupler. - Integrated temperature sensor. - Rocker or button function can be set for each operating surface. - Control of up to four functions possible using the button function of the KNX button. Functions - Switching, dimming, blinds, value transmitter, scene auxiliary unit, 2-channel operation and controller auxiliary unit. - Switching: The command when pressing and / or releasing is adjustable (No reaction, Switch on, Switch off, Switch over). - Dimming: The command on pressing, the time between switching and dimming, dimming in different steps, telegram repetition for long actuation and sending a stop telegram at the end of actuation can be set. - Blinds: The command when pressed and the operating concept are adjustable. The operating concept can be adapted in the times for short and long actuation and slat adjustment. - Value transmitter: The mode of operation (1 byte and 2 byte value transmitter) and the value are adjustable. - Scene auxiliary unit: The mode of operation (with or without memory function) and the scene number are adjustable. - 2-channel operation: Up to two telegrams can be sent to the KNX by pressing a button. The operating concept can be set and the time for short and long actuation can be adjusted. The mode of operation of the channels can be set separately. Functions of the status LEDs - Every status LED can be parametrised independently of the operating surface. - Status LED functions: always OFF, always ON, actuation display, telegram acknowledgement, status display, control via separate LED object, operating mode display, controller status display, presence status display and setpoint offset display. - Colour can be parametrised. The colour selection is performed either for all status LEDs or separately for each status LED of the device. The status LEDs can light up optionally in red, green or blue. - The brightness of the status LED can be adjusted in five steps. With night-time reduction the brightness of the status LED can be reduced in the night hours via communication object. - In addition, a superimposed function can be enabled for every status LED, allowing another colour and display type to be set. Controller auxiliary unit properties - An external room temperature controller can be controlled with the controller auxiliary unit button function. - Operating mode switch-over, forced operating mode, presence function and setpoint offset. - Evaluation of the controller status via status LED. - Measurement of the room temperature with an internal sensor or optionally by creating a measured value of the internally measured temperature with an external temperature. Technical data: KNX medium: TP256 KNX connection: Connection and junction terminal Protection class: III Installation depth: 15 mm Ambient temperature: -5°C to +50°C Notes: - KNX Data Secure compatible. - Firmware can be updated using the Gira ETS Service App (additional software). - - Scope of supply: - KNX connection and junction terminal included in the scope of delivery. - Support ring with screws included in the scope of delivery. Make: Gira Order No. 5174 112 pure white glossy Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx