Insert S3000 relay swit.ins. 2-g [540400] System 3000 relay switch insert 2-gang Gira System 3000 Features: - Switching of lighting and single-phase motors. - Adaptive zero-point switch-off - Connecting auxiliary units is possible. - Test run for function testing. - Operation with neutral conductor connection. Combination with System 3000 operating top unit 2-gang - Switching of two independent outputs. - Time function configurable for output a2. Combination with System 3000 operating top unit - Output a2 switches as a function of output a1, e.g. to switch on a fan when the lights come on and switch it off after a delay. - Switch-on delay configurable for output a2. - Switch-off delay configurable for output a2. Technical data: Rated voltage: AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz Standby: 0.1 to 0.5 W Ohmic switching current: 10 A (AC1) Connected load at 25°C per output - HV LED lamps: typically 400 W - Compact fluorescent lamp: typ. 500 W - Light bulbs: 1500 W - HV halogen lamps: 1500 W - Gira tronic transformers: 1000 W - Wound transformer: 625 VA - Fluorescent lamps, uncompensated: 750 VA Switching current for motors: 3 A Capacitive load: 580 VA (70 µF) Output a2 - Time function/switch-off delay: without, 1 min, 5 min, 30 min, 60 min - Switch-on delay: without, 3 min Installation depth: 24 mm Installation: in device box pursuant to DIN 49073 Ambient temperature: -25 °C to +45 °C Notes: - Combined with motion detector top unit Standard, operating top unit Memory, blind and timer Display or blind and timer BT, relay switch insert 2-gang acts the same as if fitted with an operating top unit. - Combined with a motion detector top unit Komfort BT or presence and motion detector 360° top unit BT, motion causes output a1 to switch depending on brightness and output a2 to switch independent of brightness and after a delay. - If the ambient temperature is higher than 25 °C, the connected load must be reduced. Make: Gira Order No. 5404 00 Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx