Gira F100 p.white KNX 1.10 m Standard [2040112] KNX motion detector top unit 1.10 m Standard Gira F100 pure white glossy Features: - Installation on bus coupler 3. - Configurable for motion detection (security-light application) or for room monitoring (detector application). - Evaluation of brightness during active motion detection in security-light mode. Switching off lights when brightness threshold is exceeded. - Configurable number of motion impulses within one monitoring time in detection mode. - Digital motion detection via 2 PIR sensors. - Sensitivity of motion detection can be parameterised separately in steps for the PIR sectors. - Integrated brightness sensor for determining ambient brightness. - Adjustment of sensitivity via a dial on the device. - Indication of motion detection (permanent or only during walking test). - One function block configurable. - Function block for the "security light", "security light with switch-off brightness" or "detector" application configurable. - Two output communication objects are available to the function block which are transmitted to the KNX via the switching and control commands. - Configurable functions: switching, staircase function, dimming value transmitter, scene auxiliary unit, temperature value transmitter, brightness value transmitter, operating mode changeover, switching with forced setting. - Switching the operating mode (OFF/AUTO/ON) during operation through on-site operation or via a communication object through on-site operation at other KNX motion detector devices via KNX pushbutton sensor or visualisation. - In brightness-independent operation, the function block can determine the time span after a previous movement and transmit it to the KNX via a communication object. This function allows for simple monitoring of movements,for example of persons in assisted living residences or in a retirement home. - Functionality of motion detection adjustable for the "security light" or "security light with switch-off brightness" application. - For the "security light" or "security light with switch-off brightness" applications, the device can be used as a single device, main unit or auxiliary unit. - Walking test function to help in planning and adjusting the PIR detection range. Technical data: KNX medium: TP256 Mounting height up to 1.10 m - Range of detection forwards: max. 32 m - Range to each side: max. 19 m Detection angle: 180° Brightness sensor - Measurement range: approx. 1 to 1000 lx Protection type - System 55, Gira F100: IP20 - TX_44: IP44 Ambient temperature: -5 °C to +45 °C Notes: - Suitable for indoor use only. - The motion detector is not suitable for alarm messages in VdS-compliant alarm systems. Make: Gira Order No. 2040 112 pure white glossy Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx