KNX weather st. Plus [207400] KNX weather station Plus Blind controller Features: - The KNX weather station records the wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, global radiation, temperature, twilight, relative humidity, air pressure and with four sensors the brightness in different directions. - The maximum value of the brightness sensors, absolute humidity, perceived temperature and comfort are calculated using the measured data. - An area of application is the automatic, weather-dependent shading system specifically for home use. - The weather station monitors some of its own major functions and reports corresponding faults automatically via message objects on the bus. - Monitoring of the applied voltage. The failure is reported via a communications object on the bus. - With integrated bus coupler. - Mounting outdoors on a pole or on the wall. - The position of the installation site can be determined via GPS. Functions - Two limits with an adjustable hysteresis per sensor can be parameterised internally or specified as 8-bit or 16-bit values. - The teach-in function enables the application of a current measured value to a limit. - All limit objects have a parameterisable switch-on and switch-off delay. - 16 logic gates (AND, AND with return, OR, Exclusive OR, NAND, NOR) with up to four inputs for external and internal 1-bit values. - 4 blocking elements for blocking functions or manual operation. - Automatic shading control of up to 8 facades can be implemented with sun position-dependent tracking of the slats and hanging height control. - All values can be output when values change and cyclically. The outputs of the blocking elements can be sent only if the value changes. - Weather stations can be cascaded via the logic functions. This is recommended for expansion of functions (measuring the wind strength on different facades) or for significantly increased functional reliability through redundance. Technical data: KNX medium: TP256 Power supply - Rated voltage: AC 24 V SELV (± 10%) - Rated voltage: DC 21 to 32 V SELV - Current consumption: 100 to 400 mA Connection cable - Cable type: LiYCY 4xAWG26 - Cable length: 5 m - Total length per line: 15 m Number of weather stations: max. 3 (per line) Ambient temperature: -30°C to +60°C Protection type: IP44 Protection class: III Wind direction sensor - Measurement range: 1 to 360° - Resolution: 1° - Precision: ±10° Wind speed sensor - Measurement range: 0 to 40 m/s - Resolution: 0.1 m/s - Accuracy ({~<=} 10 m/s): ±1 m/s - Accuracy ({~>=} 10 m/s): ±5 % Temperature sensor - Measurement range: -30°C to +60°C - Resolution: 0.1 K - Precision: ±1 K Precipitation sensor - Measurement range: yes / no - Precision: fine drizzle Brightness sensors - Number: 4 - Measurement range: 0 to 150 klx - Resolution: 1 klx - Precision: ±3 % Dawn/dusk sensor - Measurement range: 0 to 900 lx - Resolution: 1 lux - Precision: ±10 lx Air pressure sensor - Measurement range: 300 to 1100 hPa - Resolution: 0.01 hPa - Precision: ±0.5 hPa Humidity sensor - Measurement range: 0 to100 % rel. humidity - Resolution: 0.1 % rel. humidity - Precision: ±10 % rel. humidity (20 °C) - abs. humidity: 0 to 400 g/m³ - Resolution: 0.01 g/m³ Global radiation - Measurement range: 0 to 1300 W/m² - Resolution: 1 W/m² - Precision: ±10 % Notes: - Measured values apply for the installation site. Deviations from other weather services are possible. - All accuracy specifications of the measured values refer to the respective measurement range send value. Dimensions in mm: Ø 130 x H 68 x Make: Gira Order No. 2074 00 Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx