Accessories rech.lead acid bat. 12 V 12 Ah [113000] Rechargeable lead acid battery 12 V 12 Ah Gira KNX system Rechargeable battery 12 V 12 Ah Features: - For buffering the KNX system voltage in combination with the power supply 640 mA uninterruptible. - A maximum of two lead-gel rechargeable accumulators can be connected in parallel to the power supply. Technical data: Rated voltage: DC 12 V Rechargeable battery capacity: 12 Ah Weight: 4.2 kg Notes: - The basic cable set must be used when connecting one lead-gel rechargeable accumulator to the KNX power supply. When connecting two lead-gel rechargeable accumulators, the basic cable set is required for the one accumulator and the expansion cable set is required for the other accumulator. - Maintenance-free due to closed design as per EN 50014/VDE 0170/0171 Part 1/5.78. Dimensions in mm: W 151 x H 94 x D 98 Make: Gira Order No. 1130 00 Rechargeable battery 12 V 12 Ah Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx