Door communication stainl.steel SST video door st. 12-g [256220] Stainless steel video door station 12-gang Gira door stations stainless steel Features: - Extension of the stainless steel door station with a video camera. Camera - Automatic day or night switching: the camera switches from day mode (colour display) to night mode (black and white display) and back again at a defined ambient brightness. Due to the high degree of light sensitivity in night mode, good presentation results are achieved even in poor lighting conditions. - LEDs ensure steady illumination of the field of view at close proximity in night mode. - Camera can be manually swivelled 20° horizontally and vertically. In combination with the wide-angle lens, a very wide field of view results. - Automatic background lighting compensation. - Automatic white balance. - Automatic gain control (AGC). - Integrated camera heating with temperature detection. - Sprayed-water proof cover plate. - Camera cover plate made of shock-resistant plastic. Easy to replace if damaged, e.g. due to vandalism. Technical data: Image recording element: CCD sensor 0.85 cm (1/3″) Wide-angle lens: 150° Visible detection range: 100° Area of detection (for 20° swivelling): 140° Colour system: PAL Pixels: 500 (H) x 582 (V) Horizontal resolution: 380 TV lines Switchover threshold for colour to B/W operation: 1 lux Light sensitivity in B/W operation: 0.1 lux Electronic shutter speed : up to 1/100000 s IR filter: integrated Recommended mounting height for camera: 1.50 m Notes: - The stainless steel video door station is supplied ready for connection including built-in speaker and, for larger buildings, including an add-on module. This eliminates time-consuming cabling of the call buttons. Only a Gira 2-wire bus is required to connect the door station stainless steel. Dimensions in mm: Front plate, 10-gang: W 270 x H 285 x D - Front plate, 12-gang: W 270 x H 285 x D - Flush-mounted box, 10-gang: W 250 x H 265 x D 60 Flush-mounted box, 12-gang: W 250 x H 265 x D 60 Name plate: W 62 x H 18 x D - Make: Gira Order No. 2562 20 stainless steel Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx