Gira F100 p.white Auto.ctrl.sw. Komfort 1.10 m [0661112] System  2000 automatic control switch Komfort top unit mounting height up to 1.10 m Gira F100 pure white glossy Features: - In conjunction with a System 2000 switching insert, the automatic control switch can be set to short-term operation. Short-term operation is brightness-independent and can be used to control a bell, for example. - When a System 2000 dimming insert is used, when the set delay time elapses, the lighting is continuously dimmed to the minimum brightness within 30 seconds and then switched off. - A memory value can be saved using a System 2000 auxiliary unit which is switched on when motion is detected. - The current ambient brightness is easily saved as a brightness switching threshold using a teach-in function. - Switchable to permanent-on, permanent-off, or automatic mode using a slider switch. Technical data: Mounting height up to 1.10 m - Range of detection forwards: approx. 10 m - Range to each side: approx. 6 m Detection angle: 180° Brightness value - adjustable: approx. 0 to 150 lx - fixed: Day mode Sensitivity: 100 to 20 % Protection type - System 55, Gira E22, Gira F100, S-Color: IP20 - TX_44: IP44 Ambient temperature: -20 °C to +45 °C Delay time: 10 s to 30 min Notes: - Suitable for indoor use only. - At an mounting height of 1.10 m, the horizontal detection field has no natural limit if used outdoors. Use the System 2000 automatic control switch mounting height up to 2.20 for outdoor use. - The System 2000 automatic control switch top units can be operated with the System 2000 inserts as of release R2. Make: Gira Order No. 0661 112 pure white glossy Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx