Insert Antenna sock. GEDU 10 [004100] Antenna socket insert (GEDU 10) Gira communication technology Features: - Can be used as a routing or end box. - For use in communal antenna systems at the end of a master cable with several boxes. - The entire signal spectrum from 4 to 2400 MHz is available on both connections. - With R 77 terminating resistance, it can be used as an end box. Technical data: Connection loss: 10 dB Transmission loss: 2.5 dB Installation depth: 28 mm Notes: - For screw mounting only. - Important! Observe construction space for plug and bending radii. - If using with gender changers: Not suitable for duct installation or a standard device box. Connection with angled plug recommended. - - Installation recommendation: Kaiser electronic outlets flush-mounted installation: Kaiser Order No.: 1068-02 hollow-wall installation: Kaiser Order No.: 9062-94 concrete installation: Kaiser Order No.: 1268-40 - For reflection-free termination of a side circuit, to be plugged into the last antenna socket outlet. - Suitable for terrestrial reception, area couplers, and satellite reception systems. Make: Gira Order No. 0041 00 Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx