Door communication video amplifier [122200] Video amplifier Gira system devices Features: - The video amplifier extends the range of Gira door communication systems with video function. - It increases the volume of the incoming video signal to the maximum permissible bus volume and outputs it at the output. In doing so, the line attenuation from the source of the video signal to the input of the video amplifier is compensated. The combination housing makes three mounting types possible - Surface-mounted (in a standard junction box). - Flush-mounted (in a device box). - As a DRA device (with the included DRA adapter). Technical data: Connections - 2-wire bus IN: 2x screw terminals - 2-wire bus OUT: 2x screw terminals Ambient temperature: -25 °C to +70 °C Notes: - With the video amplifier, the maximum cable length between the door station and home station can be extended from 100 to 300 m. - No further configuration is necessary during commissioning because the video amplifier automatically adapts to the existing mains supply. Scope of supply: - A DRA adapter is included. Dimensions in mm: Video amplifier: W 36 x H 52 x D 27 Make: Gira Order No. 1222 00 Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx