Door communication DCS-Repeater DRA [257200] DCS repeater Gira system devices DRA Features: - Active component for extending a Gira door communication system with audio and video function. - Range extension and increase of the number of devices when using additional control devices. - Amplification of the audio and data signals of the door communication system in both directions. Repeater mode - Interconnects two line segments, to double both the number of devices in a video or audio door communication system and the cable range. - Important: An additional control device is required to supply power to the second line segment. Multi-conversation mode - In multi-conversation mode, the complete system is subdivided into several lines (one main line, up to five ancillary lines) interconnected via the DCS repeater. - Power is supplied to each line by its own control device. - Up to five DCS repeaters can be used in one system in multi-conversation mode. Technical data: Power supply: via the 2-wire bus Connections - 2-wire bus IN: 2 x plug terminals - 2-wire bus OUT: 2 x plug terminals Memory card: microSD card (SDHC) up to max. 32 GB Ambient temperature: -5 °C to +45 °C Notes: - Data backup The configuration of the DCS repeater can be backed up to a microSD card. - Commissioning The DCS repeater can also be commissioned without a microSD card. Scope of supply: - The microSD card is not included in the scope of supply. Dimensions: Modular widths (MW): 2 Make: Gira Order No. 2572 00 DRA Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx