Gira F100 p.white adapter fr. square 50 x 50 mm [0282112] Adapter frame with square cut-out for devices with cover (50 x 50 mm) Gira F100 Pure white glossy Features: - Devices with a square central plate (50 x 50 mm) from other manufacturers, e. g. Alcatel, AMP Econo Link System, Brand-Rex, BTR, Cellpack ITT Cannon Cat. 5, Deutsche Telekom, Drahtex, Hirose, Kannegieter BICC Brand Rex, Kerpen ELine 600, Krone, Molex, Nedap, Panduit, Quante, Reichle de Massari, Rutenbeck, Schumann Netzwerktechnik, HomeWay, Siemens ICCS 100, 300 and 600, Telegärtner, Telenorma, TKM (4 x RJ45 shielded, Cat. 5) can be integrated into the S-Color system with the adapter frame and cover frame (1-gang to 5-gang). Make: Gira Order No. 0282 112 Pure white glossy Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx