Gira F100 p.white object cont. btn I/F 4-g KNX [2101112] Object controller with button interface, 4-gang for KNX Gira F100 pure white glossy The flush-mounted continuous controllers and the object controllers combine the functions of a bus coupler for KNX, a room temperature controller with specified setpoint value, and a binary input. Features: - Four zero-voltage contacts can be connected to the binary input. - Input 1 can be used to connect a remote sensor for the temperature measurement in the floor. - Two inputs can be configured as outputs (max. 0.8 mA) - The control function is used for room temperature control. The controller detects the current room temperature with an internal or external temperature sensor and computes an adjustment size using it and an adjustable temperature setpoint value. Valve drives can be controlled with a constant adjustment signal or with a switching adjustment signal here. Controller - 5 operating modes: Komfort, standby, night, frost or heat protection, and controller lock-out (e.g. dew-point mode). - Heating/cooling functions: Heating, cooling, heating and cooling, basic and additional heating, basic and additional cooling. - Preset control parameters for common radiators or cooling units. - Controller deactivatable (dewpoint operation) or controller or operation of the controller can be blocked. - Valve protection function (valve is opened cyclically every 24 hours). - Control types: Continuous PI control, switching PI control (PWM), and switching 2-point control (on/off) - Temperature detection via an internal and/or external sensor (average value calculation for large areas). Inputs - Free assignment of the functions switching, dimming, blind and value transmitter to the inputs. - Blocker for blocking individual inputs. - Behaviour upon bus voltage recovery can be configured separately for each input. - Telegram rate limit. - Switching function: two independent switching objects are available for each existing input and can be enabled individually, command for leading and trailing edge can be set independently (ON, OFF, CHANGE, no reaction). - Dimming function: single-surface and double-surface operation, time between dimming and switching, and dim-step size can be set, telegram repetition and stop telegram transmission possible. - Blind function: Command can be set with rising edge (no function, UP, DOWN, CHANGE), operating concept can be configured (Step - Move - Step or Move - Step), time between short and long-term operation can be set, slat adjustment time can be set. - Value transmitter and light scene auxiliary unit function: edge (button as NO contact, button as NC contact, switch) and value with edge can be configured, value adjustment by pressing and holding a button for value transmitters possible, light scene auxiliary unit with/without memory function. - Temperature sensor function: One channel of the button interface can be used as an external temperature sensor for the room temperature controller. Outputs - Independent switching of a maximum of 2 outputs. Technical data: KNX medium: TP256 Ambient temperature: -5 °C to +45 °C Cable length - Inputs and outputs: max. 5 m - Temperature sensor: max. 50 m Installation depth: 23 mm Connections - J-Y(St)Y: 2 × 2 × 0.8 mm² Notes: - No separate bus coupler is required. - The use of a switch terminal box for connection of the external inputs is recommended. - The object controller has no operating or display elements. Make: Gira Order No. 2101 112 pure white glossy Quantity: 0 Stk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx